6 Ways to Actively Engage in Your Child's Learning Journey


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  • Published December 31, 2023
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In this fast-paced world, being engaged in your child’s education is crucial. As a parent, you’re an integral part of your child’s academic journey and success. Your involvement can help your child perform better and be more motivated at school.

However, you also need to be careful about how much you get involved. You should know what your child is learning at school and how they are doing.

You should also prioritize education at home, help them study, and do homework. But you need to be careful not to overstep some of their boundaries. Children are all different, some will need more help and support from their parents, others less.

To help you get involved with your child’s learning journey, we gathered a small list of suggestions that can be helpful.

Get to know your child’s teacher

Parents and teachers should work together to help a child. That’s why meeting and getting to know your child’s teacher from the get-go is important. At the beginning of the school year make sure you introduce yourself to your child’s teacher.

Also, attend Meet the Teacher nights if your child's school organizes it. Both of these are great opportunities to get to know your child’s teacher in person and exchange information and contacts.

But just meeting the teacher once is not enough. You should keep this relationship throughout the years by making appointments to discuss your child’s progress, attending school meetings and events, and so on.

Regularly attend parent meetings and school events

As mentioned, a good way to keep the relationship with your child’s teacher going is by regularly attending parent meetings and school events. Parent meetings are a great opportunity to voice all of your concerns, and address issues or accomplishments.

They also offer you a great opportunity to share your expectations and set some goals with the teacher. This will help the teacher help your child work towards achieving these things.

Similarly, you should attend all the school events, including those you’re child isn’t participating in. Attending these vents will help you network with other parents and teachers. That’s why at Insight Early Learning Center, teachers understand the importance of community and they work on connecting parents and teachers.

Stay up to date with classroom happenings

Another thing that will help you be involved in your child’s education is knowing what’s happening in the classroom daily. Knowing this will help you understand what your child has been learning, and you’ll be able to help them at home. The things you learned at school and the things your child is learning are so different that you’ll need some insight from the classroom.

Don’t be afraid to ask your child about what they did in school that day. Also, make sure you’re reading all the notes and letters your child’s teachers are writing. This also includes classroom newsletters or being part of some online classroom group.

Different schools have different ways of communicating between parents, teachers, and students. An effective two-way communication between parents and teachers is crucial for the success of students.

Talk school matters at home and help out with homework

Discussing education and school matters at home is highly important. You should always encourage your children to tell you about their day at school, to express any concerns, and to talk about their achievements.

This will help you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and what subjects or activities they like and dislike. An open, two-way communication between you and your child will help you build a positive relationship with your child and it will also make them feel safe and happy.

Just like open communication, helping your child with their homework is also a great way to get involved with their education. It can also help you stay informed about what they are learning at school.

Set aside some time every day to help your child with their homework assignments, and create a homework routine with your child. This will help your child feel supported.

Help your child learn study skills

If learned early, study skills will help your child throughout their entire education journey. You need to help your child learn how to study. Teach them how to make studying easier on them by breaking down large tasks into smaller ones.

Help them learn tricks and tips that will help them recall the information they need. Also, eliminate all kinds of distractions during the studying period and set regular breaks.

Some children will find studying more difficult than others, and that’s why you need to create a good studying routine, this will help them get the hang of study skills, and learning won’t be as daunting as it seems.

Join a parent organization

A lot of parents don’t know this, but joining a PTA (parent-teacher association) can help you make a positive impact on your child’s school and education.

PTA is a great place to voice concerns and share questions and hopes for your child’s education. It’s a perfect place to meet other like-minded parents, families, and educators who want to ensure that children receive the high-quality education they deserve.

Bottom Line

You, as a parent, have a huge impact on your child’s education. That’s why you need to actively participate in all things related to school and learning. Together with the teachers and educators, you can make a positive impact on your child’s learning journey right from the start.

Insight Early Learning center offers the best early childhood education for your child, preparing them for a lifetime of growth and learning.

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