Dinosaur Provincial Park - Alberta's Hidden Gem

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  • Published April 11, 2024
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Nestled in Alberta's stunning badlands, Dinosaur Provincial Park is a place filled with ancient wonders and unique scenery. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for dinosaur fossils and diverse wildlife, offering visitors a chance to step back in time. Here's a list of best things to do while visiting:

Participate in an authentic dinosaur dig

Experience the thrill of finding new fossils that have never been seen by human eyes before! Guided excavation tours start at the Visitor Centre and are led by an experienced palaeontological technician. This is a learning opportunity like no other.

Encounters with Wildlife

While dinosaurs may be gone, the park is alive with a variety of animals, including bighorn sheep and eagles. Take a stroll through the grasslands and forests for a chance to spot wildlife.

Camp under the stars

We believe that camping is by far the best accommodation option you can choose when visiting Dinosaur Provincial Park. Why? The campground is located in the heart of the park and many trails start right from the camp which is so convenient.

Visit Dinosaur Visitor Centre & Exhibit Gallery

Dinosaur Provincial Park’s Visitor Centre is open year-round (though it’s by appointment only during some winter months) and it is a great place to stop by and get some information about area, book one of the interpretive tour programs or check the exhibit gallery where you can learn more about the area and its dinosaur history.


There are couple of guided hikes & walks that you can sign for as well as interpretive trails that you can hike on your own – Badlands trail (1.3 km), Cottonwood Flats trail (1.4 km), Prairie trail (0.3 km), Trail of the Fossil Hunters (0.9 km) and Coulee Viewpoint trail (1.3 km). As you can see all of them are really short and we easily hiked them all during our 2 nights visit. Our favourites were the Badlands trail for the best landscape formations and Cottonwood Flats trail for amazing lush riverside views.


Dinosaur Provincial Park offers an unforgettable adventure for anyone who loves nature and history. Whether you're exploring fossil beds, spotting wildlife, or learning about the park's ecology, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this hidden gem of Alberta. So pack your bags and get ready to discover the wonders of Dinosaur Provincial Park!

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