5 Easy and Sexy Makeover Ideas for New Moms


  • Author Salena Kulkarni
  • Published October 14, 2008
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With the arrival of your new baby, you probably feel like your world took on a different spin. Demanding feeding times and countless sleepless nights leave you tired and hardly interested in the way you look. But being a new mom doesn’t have to leave you looking ugly and feeling low. With just a few tricks here and there, looking and feeling good can be within your reach.

Giving yourself a minor makeover is a lot easier than you think it is. The following are simple tips that produce visible results, all of which are guaranteed to make your loved ones notice you.

Makeover Tip 1. Put on your best smile. A well-dressed woman is never complete without a smile. A smile is your best fashion accessory and ultimate feel-good remedy. Smiling, as well as laughing, is said to aid in the improvement of health. While laughter reduces tension in the body, smiling releases endorphins that produce feelings of euphoria in your body. Whenever you feel a frown beginning to form on your face, hold that thought and tell yourself to smile instead.

Makeover Tip 2. Ditch the baggy and loose clothes. While you should be comfortable in what you wear, that doesn’t mean putting on shapeless outfits that do nothing to flatter your womanly figure. Your loose maternity clothes were appropriate at the time you were pregnant. After childbirth, the maternity outfits should be stashed in your storage. Other instant styling tips include:

a. The use of color. Feel bright and beautiful with a bold and eye-catching colored knit top that skims your upper body. If you are feeling less confident about your post-baby weight, then solid colors like black, navy or charcoal are safe bets.

b. A v-neck line. Celebrities and fashion stylists swear by this simple design. A v-neck line works wonders by making you look ten pounds less.

c. An a-line skirt. Skirts are feminine. One in an a-line cut hides thighs and creates the illusion of an hour-glass figure.

d. Sexy lingerie. Wearing sexy underwear is a powerful way to make you feel sexy all over again.

Makeover Tip 3. Start a beauty routine. As your body restores its normal hormonal balance, you will notice a gradual improvement in your skin. Getting into a good skin care routine at this time will go a long way in producing noticeable results on your face.

a. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. A simple but highly effective routine involves three essential products for cleaning, exfoliating and re-hydrating your skin. Exfoliation is important for sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin. Products that are labeled as facial scrubs help exfoliate the skin. Moisturizers restore skin’s moisture that cleansing and exfoliating may have stripped away.

b. Enhance your features with correct makeup. A rule of thumb in makeup application is "less is more." Use a skin concealer or light foundation only where needed to even out your skin tone. Bring out your beautiful eyes by dotting your upper and lower lids with dark brown eyeliner. If you’re not a fan of makeup, at least put on some lipstick for instant color on your face. A light colored gloss is both sexy and refreshing. Use one in a shade that flatters your skin tone.

Makeover Tip 4. Do something with your hair. A woman’s hair is said to be her crowning glory and rightfully so. Getting the right hairstyle for your face is definitely the best makeover you can give to yourself. If you’re not comfortable with making drastic changes right now, you can still benefit from subtle works on your hair. A trim, some highlights, color touches or blow drying by a professional stylist can make you feel good and look good. Experiment with a new side part or wispy bangs for a youthful look. Wearing your hair in a different way can be an exciting experience for you.

Makeover Tip 5. Affirm your beauty and sex appeal. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Greet each day with self affirmations of how beautiful and sexy you are. Affirmations send messages to your conscious and subconscious mind and when your mind listens to your positive affirmations it responds by directing your body to act accordingly. Do this everyday at various times of the day and experience the results eventually.

Makeovers are popular because of the amazing results one can see and feel almost immediately. Makeovers are usually prompted by life-changing events or a need to make changes in one’s life. Being a new mom is a good reason to make small changes in yourself. The mini makeovers are easy to do, inexpensive and safe. Go ahead, you deserve it.

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