All latest Antivirus can not be called ‘latest’!

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  • Author Johns Smith
  • Published February 5, 2010
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You must’ve prompted to download Antivirus software from the websites which offer the downloading facilities. The term "virus" is being considered to be deadly nowadays by the system users. It is a man-made offensive program which has the sure-shot objective to disrupt the normal working of a system.

The most important thing to be kept in mind, when you download any security program, is to update it regularly. Some of the software vendors name their antivirus as the "latest antivirus". The innocent users download that product and never care to update it since they think it is already the latest one. Even the best virus protection software needs to be updated regularly in order to attain the label of ‘latest’ as its name. Just update the antivirus regularly that you have downloaded and make all normal antivirus softwares to enjoy the status of all latest Antivirus.

Here arises a question- how to check whether the product you ought to download provides the latest updates package or not? Well, indeed it can be checked very easily. Just look for the antivirus comparison table, constructed somewhere near to the product that you want to download. The table must be focusing on the dates of its updates. Some products offer the update-packages every fortnight while some of them provide them on weekly or monthly basis. So, make sure you go with the one which provides the real authenticity to what it says on its table and hence arrive at a fool-proof solution to download antivirus.

Sometimes comparison tables are made just in order to popularize the product. The best antivirus comparison can be regarded as the one which provides an insight to its rankings while contending with the other players in market. Also, read the column of best antivirus protection reviews for each and every product before downloading it. These are mainly in the form of the graphics and require very less time to understand them. So, just have a look on the graphical tables making the comparisons of its features with others and decide the product.

A virus may enter to a system by the means of an attachment. Once it gets downloaded, it keeps on reproducing its sons. Its reproduction technique finds its origin in the source code of its program according to which, by the one-time execution of any file, it gets multiplied by 1. Now, if the same file is executed again, it gets multiplied by 2 and the series of multiplication goes on like this. This can be controlled if you have downloaded full antivirus software and installed it successfully on your system.

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