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  • Published February 13, 2010
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While buying a new computer we get a CD that helps us to automatically install a program known as Norton Antivirus. It is a security software that keeps your computer safe from viruses, spywares and other malwares that can almost damage your computer. There are many people veteran in this field may suggest you security software that are better than Norton Antivirus.

Experts may differ but Norton antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus software. If you want to install Norton antivirus in your computer or simply want to collect information on it you have to contact Norton antivirus support team. Here are some tips following which you can easily communicate with them.

Occupies too much computer resources

If you go through the website of Symantec to know how to get in touch with Norton antivirus support team you may not get sufficient information. You can only get an overall view of the resources that will be utilized to run the program. Most of all computer users install Norton antivirus to ensure the safety of their computer. But if you get in touch with them you may get lots of information regarding this program. It may take too much resource while running at ultimate speed.

You will not get refunds

Most of all computer users opt for Norton antivirus for the security of their computers as it is relatively cheaper than the other security software. Those who do not know much about the software may contact Norton antivirus.

The support team of the Norton is helpful enough to solve all your queries and offer a number of links through you can visit their website for more information.

Everything is fine till now but after a few days you may have pop ups like you need to upgrade Norton Antivirus to protect your PC. Once you opt to upgrade it they will charge a certain amount of money from you.

When you purchase the software from a Norton store you should make it clear that whether you have to pay to upgrade it. Otherwise you will not get any refund later. It is specially suggested for those who are buying it for the first time. Otherwise you may not get respond from their end later when you call them for help. Though it is not their fault you may feel frustrated.

Other options

There may a number of reasons due to which you may want to contact Norton customer support team, or sales department but before that you should do a little research on the internet for other options i.e. other anti spyware applications. Though Norton is considered as the most reliable and effective there are a number of antispyware programs are available online. Some of them are even free. You can easily download and install one of them and enjoy computing. But before downloading and installing an antivirus online you should check whether it itself is a spyware. Otherwise in spite of protecting it may further damage your computer.

If you are unable to find any solution yourself you may get in touch with remote PC support company. There ate many such companies that provide remote PC support that includes antivirus support to the customers worldwide.

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