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  • Published April 13, 2010
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A gateway is a node, usually a router that is located on a TCP/IP Network which provides access to another network. The other network is the Internet. A gateway is the connection between the Internet and your local network. This is why gateway security is vitally important.

Without gateway security, your network, and the computers, users and data on it, is exposed to security threats coming from the Internet. It is a menace for home owners and businessmen. It can have disastrous consequences on your business, especially if you are dealing with sensitive information like client/customer details. A security threat in terms of gateway security refers to the threats that may infect your computer through your gateway (router). This includes spyware, spam, content security, viruses and malicious software and policy enforcement and data leakage prevention. The list is not exhaustive since it only outlines some of the most common network security threats. Hackers are always on the prowl to innovate new ways to target networks which is why it is no longer sufficient to just have an anti-virus software installed and/or a software firewall. The most foolproof way to limit your exposure to these types of threats is to have multi-layer prevention solutions.

You can browse the Web to know about gateway security solutions providers online. Solutions range from email security solutions to general network security. Some service providers provide hardware and award winning consultancy services including network analysis, installation, support and management. Security is vital for every organization. It is vital for every sized organization. It is highly recommended that every organization, big or small should opt for gateway security solutions. Online service providers are familiar with every aspect of the installation, operation and support of the gateway security appliances. Their range of content management appliances offer a rich feature set for filtering, controlling and blocking employee's access to malicious, dangerous or otherwise inappropriate web content for maximum gateway security protection.

Email has assumed tremendous importance. It continues to be a vital business tool for businesses. However, it also acts as a gateway for malicious attacks against individuals and businesses. These attacks can be broadly classified into two forms- deluging the victim with spam email or delivering malicious software (malware). Malicious software can be delivered via links or email attachments. The costs of reductions in productivity, destruction or theft of data, stolen identities and other breaches of security originating via an email attack can be disastrous. Email gateway security appliances can protect your business from all forms of email attack with high-tech anti-spam technology and the power to filter malware in any form. Reputed service providers can install, operate and support the entire range.

Gateway security should not be neglected. Thanks to gateway security solutions, you can minimize threats coming from the Internet. You no longer need to worry about network security and disaster recovery. These issues can well be taken care of.

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