Your Dream: How To make it Come Reality

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  • Author Moshood Oseni
  • Published September 15, 2010
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If your dream is not possible in your mind, it will never be possible in your world - Adebajo

Today, we shall be going on a trip. It’s going to last a couple of minutes or maybe hours, or a lifetime; it depends on how you want it. It’s going to be a bit stressful but I promise you it will be fun. We shall be heading to a place where things are mend according to our desires. A place where incredible things are forged to look real. In here, even life can be forged into "bed of roses" and make it stay that way (that is if you want it that way). We are not just going to take a look at these things; we are actually going to bring them home. I’m ready whenever you are ready. Shall we?

It’s nice having you on board. Now close your eyes (wait a minute. Don’t close them yet. How on earth are you suppose to read this with your eyes closed? You can close them when you’re through.) Think about the people you care about the most. People that make you smile because they smile. If just for this moment, think about their smiles. If just for this moment, think about their laughter. Think about those amazing moments you spent with them that you wish they could happen in your everyday life. If just for this moment, do not think about their tears. Let their joy fill your soul, and their happiness fill your heart. Think about things you could do that would make them happier. Or maybe things you could become that would do them proud. Do you get a picture of that? Now make it look real. How do you feel? – Amazing? - I bet you would

Is it not possible that you wish you could fly? Seriously, Superman might seems not be a good choice, but why not Superwoman. Think about the things you could do. The stars, they say, are diamonds of the sky, but having them between your palms is more than extraordinary, you know. This is the Dream land, so nothing is impossible. The magic word is – imagine. It becomes possible when you imagine yourself doing it.

Is it not also possible that neither Superman nor Superwoman is what you desire? Whatever, I mean whatever you want to be, just do what the magic word says – imagine. Like I said earlier, we shall be talking these things to the real world. They are dreams. By nature, they can be easily washed away even by a drop of water, and when they do, putting them together is not an easy task. It might last you a lifetime. If you dislike the idea of staying that long in the Dream land, then you’ve got to hold on to them. Seriously, your life depends on them.

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