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  • Published December 3, 2010
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If there was clearly such a thing as the perfect employee we would not have to talk about such things as training and development training . Unfortunately there is no such thing as a perfect employee so as a manager we have to ensure that we have a good training and development training program available.

When you mention a training and development training program many people become nervous or anxious about what is anticipated, or anxiety when the unknown. To help lessen the stress of something new you can provide information regarding what types of things the training calls for. You don't have to supply everything activity or point that will be discussed but just providing a general agenda will put people at ease simply because they will sort of know what to expect.

Make each employee responsible for things that come out of it and development training . Each employee should know that these are expected to engage in the training knowning that after the development training they need to put what they learned to work. In the event you set expectations of what you expect from each employee there will be no requirement for people to say that they did not know. During the training make sure that you provide examples of how to apply what they have learned if they return to work.

One of the best techniques for finding people thinking about the material that'll be covered would be to provide a few questions before the training begins that they need to answer or things to think about before the training. This could put each employees mind going in the correct direction and get them focused in on the new training.

Of course the instructor of the training and development training program has to be qualified to show the session. This will allow them to show examples or demonstrate how things are suppose to be practiced. You want to make certain all managers are trained in this software and tell them that they are expected to carry out these procedures. Once the employees see a manager doing the same techniques and training as them it will let them have a great example to follow and model after.

Make sure that you provide a list of the things that have changed. You don't have to go into great detail but having a helpful reminder of what is changing or developing and what has stayed the same can keep the confusion down in the workplace. With these helpful sheets employees and supervisors will be reminded of what is expected.

When the training is complete make sure that the managers and supervisors are recognizing those employees who are doing what was taught in the training. Reward the good behavior and talk to those employees who you see still trying to do things the old way or struggling with the brand new ways to determine how you can enable them to adjust to the alterations. Some people have a hard time adjusting to alternation in their routines or habits. Follow up with them more often to determine if they are continuing to adjust, in addition to following with the employees who were successful with the changes to see when they have any further questions or need any further explanations.

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