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  • Published January 3, 2011
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It's no secret that some men just seem to like some types of women more than others. I was on both sides. You see, when I was in high school, boys loved me. I had all the attention in the world from every guy. I was blonde, tanned and petite. Now, 10 years later, I look identical to the way I did in high school... but I have tremendous problems dating guys. We'll go out once or twice and then they find some lame excuse and dump me.

For months I was panicking and wondering what was so wrong with me? Did I become ugly and I can't see it? I uploaded a bunch of recent pictures of me to sites like Dailybooth, Flickr, Facebook and Myspace and to my ease of mind, I got tons of comments from both guys and girls (of all ages) on how gorgeous I was. So THAT wasn't the problem. I then noticed one girl on Facebook, an 18 year old who was just as pretty as me.

The difference is that she was very playful and flirty with her words. I, on the other hand, can't remember the last time I've flirted. I guess after having long term boyfriend after long term boyfriend, you kind of lose the need to flirt. Plus, my boyfriends got mad at me for flirting with other guys and I've seen in so many places that it's trashy to be a huge flirt. People call girls whores or sluts when they constantly flirt with people.

There is a tasteful way of flirting though. For instance, being innocent and playful instead of totally coming on to someone. There are some great examples of how to properly flirt with people on the forum of

In any case, aside from being flirty and taking care of your appearance, always make sure that you express interest in the guy - but don't overdo it. You never want to come off as being desperate. In other words, just smiling or winking at a guy can be enough to show him he has a shot with you. Let HIM be the one to make all the first moves. Guys love to make the first move because they feel strong and masculine. It's the natural male response.

Relationships with men don't have to be totally complicated. In other words and in short, being pretty and playfully flirting but giving the guy tons of space and allowing him to make all the first moves can help you score a couple of dates with him. Once you're past that stage, just make sure the guy has fun on your dates. If he is happy and having fun, nothing else really matters.

So to have the most successful relationships with men ever, follow this guide or check out Stunnazine for more detailed information. Good luck with your love life!

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