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  • Published January 14, 2011
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Have you thought about quitting smoking but just don't seem to have the will power to quit cold turkey? Well, then perhaps it's time to "go green" with Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes instead. Any honest Green Smoke Review will tell you that this smokeless cigarette is the best compromise there is: It provides you with the nicotine you crave, while eliminating all of that harmful smoke.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes taste and feel as though you are smoking a real cigarette. You smoke it in the same way that you would smoke a normal cigarette, with your choice of nicotine flavor. The major difference is that you do not inhale any smoke, so you are not inhaling any harmful carcinogenic toxins such as tar.

Before you start using Green Smoke, review the directions first and understand how it works first. Essentially, it runs on a rechargeable battery. And it uses a replaceable, disposable cartridge that contains the flavored nicotine. This device uses a built-in vaporizer to create the vapors that you can inhale.

One thing should be well understand, and which may not always be made clear in a typical Green Smoke review: This device does not necessarily help you to kick the habit. It helps you to transition to a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. If you enjoy satisfying your cravings for smoking, have at it. But why not use a healthier alternative that won't harm yourself, and which produces absolutely zero second hand smoke? Of course, the use of this product could prove to be a positive step in the right direction to help you kick the habit once and for all.

Technically, you can even smoke these indoors, because there is no second hand smoke and no offensive odors. All the while, you are still getting a dosage of nicotine. Research has shown that it is not the nicotine that causes health problems. It is the smoke.

Not only are they safer, but they also will save you money over the long-term, because the cartridges are usually less expensive than a pack of cigarettes, and you can get more mileage out of them.

Green Smoke is comprised of 3 ingredients: nicotine, water, and propylene glycol. This is all you need to satisfy your cravings for nicotine without burning your heart and lungs with smoke.

Green Smoke Cigarettes are truly "green" for the environment, as well, because they are much cleaner. (Hence the name "Green Smoke Cigarettes".) There are no cigarette butts. Hence you don't need ashtrays. There is no odor, and your teeth won't turn yellow.

Over one million people worldwide use this product as an alternate to traditional smoking. Most surely these one million people can vouch for a positive Green Smoke review of their experience.

Finding healthy alternative ways to live life happy and sustainable. Go Green Energy! Hoping to live completely off grid someday soon.

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