Dear Cleveland


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  • Published January 14, 2011
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Your destiny is at stake. What you decide today will shape the future of the city.

I know you. Cleveland is my hometown.

I know you are the one who goes out of your way to help a neighbor who is struggling or alone.

I know you are the one who loves your family and works so they might enjoy a better life.

I also know you are the one who believes in struggle. You think it is your lot to suffer. You think you are a victim of circumstance.

I know you.

I was one of the 2 or 3000 people to witness Lenny Barker's perfect game. I grew up cheering for the Kardiac Kids.

I want to speak with the heart of you. The one who looks forward to family picnics every summer. The one who shovels the neighbors driveway in the winter.

You are at a crossroads today.

Tomorrow you are going to make your own Decision. One that will shape your future.

This is not about Lebron. It is about you Cleveland!

I am not writing to defend Lebron. I am writing to you Cleveland. I am looking for your heart. I know it is there. I know you.

How you choose to behave tomorrow has absolutely nothing to do with Lebron or The Decision!

Anything you say now about Lebron is simply a rationalization for bad behavior.

If you choose anger, hate, violence or any other negative energy, you are choosing to be a victim once again.

You are not a victim. Bad things don't HAPPEN TO YOU.

Lebron is not to blame. Art is not to blame. Bernie is not to blame. The person you see reflected back in the mirror is responsible.

How would you feel if Lebron were your brother? Your son? Your friend? Your husband?

How would you want him treated?

Lebron is a human being. How you choose to treat him doesn't say anything about Lebron. It only speaks to who you are.

"Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him." ~James Allen

What will you reveal about yourself tomorrow night?

Have you seen ABC's hidden camera/ethical dilemma television show "What Would You Do?"

Do you imagine yourself to be the kind of person who would step in, help out?

Do you talk back to the television in horror when people watch someone in need without helping? How do you feel when you witness someone harming another person?

This is your shot at "What Would You Do?"

Is it really in you to be the person who stands up for what is right or do you stand by and watch a person get hurt? Or are you one who actually participates in the hurtful behavior?

Lebron is a person, just like you. His choices, his Decision - right or wrong has no relevance.

This is not about Lebron. If you make it about Lebron, you are simply making an excuse for hurting another human being.

Stop playing the victim Cleveland. Look in the mirror. Take responsibility for yourself.

Cheer your team from a place of joy. That is power.

Supporting your team through anger is a demonstration of weakness. You only need look at history for examples of so called righteous anger.

Hurting another is never justified. In the end, it hurts you. Lebron is not a player. He is not a superstar. He is a person. He is a young man.

He is not responsible for you. YOU are responsible for you. You are responsible for your successes, your failures and your behavior. Your destiny is determined by the decisions you make now.

Tomorrow can be a turning point for you Cleveland. How you choose to behave can support another 50 years or more of suffering and struggle. That is what victims do!

Or, tomorrow can be the day you decide to look in the mirror and take responsibility for your behavior and consequently, your destiny.

Choose to support your team from a place of love and you will be blessed beyond measure. Choose to hurt another and justify it anyway you want and you remain on the path of pain and struggle.

It is your choice.

The beautiful thing is that it only takes a small percentage to shift the energy of the entire city. A mob can not consume a small group of people expressing loving energy.

You can make a difference. You are the difference. Share this message with friends and family. Don't stand by while a mob tortures another human being. Be the difference you want to see in the world.

I know you can do it. I know you!


Fran Horvath,

The Prosperity Whisperer

Fran Horvath,

The Prosperity Whisperer

Cleveland Fan, Lebron Fan, Miami Heat Fan!

There is no lack of love. You don't need to hate one to express love and loyalty to another.

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