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  • Author Mandy Hathaway
  • Published January 16, 2011
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Those that are currently using social bookmarking definitely understand the fantastic advantages that it can bring if completed correctly. Social bookmarking however is quite a mystery to novices. Numerous new blog owners have heard the expression social bookmarking but aren't quite certain what it really is or even what it involves.

Quite simply stated, social bookmarking will drive to your blog or site more visitors. Social bookmark sites allow us to reveal our favourite web sites with others who might be interested and also increasing our backlinks at the exact same time. All of the back links that you leave have the potential to bring visitors back on your blog. As you start to regularly publish your links to authority social bookmark websites, your weblog or website will benefit greatly by getting higher search engine ratings rapidly for your selected search terms.

First, what you need to do is to find a listing of a few social bookmark websites. You'll find a lot around, simply Google search. Then you need to register on each bookmarking site. This process may take around an hour or so but remember that you are only going to have to go through this process only one time. After you have signed up in all of the social bookmark web site you'll be able to start submitting your first weblog post or website page. You may want to save all the details (titles, descriptions, tags, etc.) in Notepad so you can simply copy and paste this information in the social bookmark sites.

As soon as you have the info typed out, go ahead and cascade Notepad and your internet browser so that they're side by side on your monitor. Make certain the listing of social websites is up and open in your internet browser, then simply right click and open the first ten or so sites in a new browser tab. If your personal computer is fast enough you can go ahead and open all the web sites. If not, just open as much as your computer or laptop will allow. Whenever submitting your weblog post, all you need to do is to click and then drag the info over. Close it and move to the following one.

That is all that's involved with social bookmarking. An easy little job like this might take an hour or so a day but will greatly increase the amount of traffic you receive on your weblog or website. Bear in mind however that some social bookmark sites might punish you for posting too many of your own weblog posts. Find some pals or colleagues and take turns posting each others blog posts. What ever you do, don't never estimate the real power of social bookmarking. You should really make it your goal to publish a minimum of one blog post per day.

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