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  • Author Carol Forrest
  • Published February 5, 2011
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Most individuals seem to think that all they need to do is to get a website and then immediately website traffic will start herding its way towards their site in droves, with them making a small fortune along the way. Unfortunately, this just won’t happen. They may have built a really outstanding website, but with nobody visiting it.

However, there are ways in which you can achieve a substantial amount of traffic! You need to have a site that has good quality content within the pages and also that the backlinks you get are high quality ones. It is these high quality backlinks that will help to boost your website traffic and in turn, this will make your page rank with the search engines increase. This will bring you a higher position when people search via the search engines. The higher you are, which hopefully may be in the top 10 on the first page, then the more organic traffic you site will receive. The main thing to remember is that everything centres upon having a large number of backlinks that point straight at your website. To put it in simple terms, each backlink you have is like having a vote for your site – the more you can achieve, then the more popular your website will be. So, what are the best methods to use to achieve the best backlinks?

To start yourself off, try article writing for your website. This is an efficient long term approach that will help to accumulate backlinks over a period of time, particularly if you work at it consistently each day. The best way is to write an article of between, say, 450 and 650 words, adding a link to your website at the bottom of the article, or in the resource box. You must write continually over a period of time in order to achieve the sort of success with the article writing you need to make your site a winner. A fairly short article should only need around half an hour to compose and then a few minutes to spin. If you work hard, you should be able to produce a few articles a day. If you can keep this up for several months, you will most definitely see the results!

Bear in mind, however, this is not a quick fix, but more of a long term approach, so you need to be tolerant. If you show consistency, then you will be rewarded with the results you deserve.

Producing a blog is yet another method for the creation of quality backlinks to your site. You should link between the pages of your website and your blog time and time again, again ensuring you are consistent and try to do this each day. Once again, you will ultimately see the results. Blogging is something that should be an ongoing process. If you don’t want to keep it up, then don’t start. It is not the same as producing a website and then having a completed process. If you keep your blog up to date, then the search engines will give you a high rank.

The blogs and articles you write together will achieve good results and therefore help you to make money. Remember the higher your page rank, the more traffic will come to your website and the more money you will make.

Carol Forrest is the Managing Director of Webs Galore Limited which is a professional website design agency specialising in the creation of cheap and affordable website design for small and medium sized companies. Website:

[http://www.websgalore.co.uk ](http://www.websgalore.co.uk )

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