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  • Published February 4, 2011
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Your memory will weaken as you grow older. This does not mean that your memory cannot weaken being younger. One of the reasons for memory deteriorates is aging, but there are many other factors that can end up with memory loss.

Here are the ways to improve the performance of your brain in order to keep your brain healthy.

  1. Take time to Think and Relax

Being stressed is vital because stress activates the discharges of Cortisol, a neuro drug which can intervene directly to the brain’s performance. Cortisol is responsible in erasing all the recent memories from the brain. To overcome these you need to find time to relax and release tensions from the mind and body. Do not let stress overcome you; it could affect the performance of your brain.

  1. Quit Smoking

You would definitely know that smoking causes severe cancers but it also causes other diseases too. Smoking directly affects the flow of blood in your body which will reduce the blood flow to your brain. This reduces the oxygen in the blood. When oxygen is reduced the brain will not function well and it could make the memory prejudiced.

  1. Keep Away from Toxins

Usage of banned drugs might cause harmful defects to the brain. You should also realize that misusing prescribed drugs will also have the same toxins and affect your body and brain. Therefore just stick with the medicines that doctors have prescribed and do not self medicate. These toxins will affect the performance of the brain and regular usage will cause memory loss.

  1. Only Healthy Foods

The functions of the brain depend on the nutrients it gets from the food you eat. If you are lacking nutrients in the food then it will have some affect on the functioning of your brain. This is something you do not want to happen. Therefore to prevent this eat healthy and balanced diet which gives you all the nutrients that is needed for the body and the brain. Keep away from junk food as they are dangerous to the body and the brain.

  1. Brain Exercise

All of us need a very good healthy functioning brain. All we have to do for a functioning brain is to find ways to keep it healthy. There are ways to maintain a healthy brain; the easiest way is to keep your brain busy is by thinking. This technique will definitely help you to improve your skills.

A lot of us feel that by occupying with educational activities helps in improving our brain’s functioning. This is true and can be tried at home too. Various simple activities and games like crosswords; puzzles are the best workout for your brain. This activity develops the functioning of the brain as well as keeps it healthy.

The functioning of the brain is the main key to better thinking. To be mentally strong and healthy, you should stop all those activities that deteriorates your brain and continue following the balanced diet and brain exercises.

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