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  • Author Davis Coley
  • Published February 4, 2011
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If you're doing any serious SEO for your site, then you certainly want some high page rank backlinks. At this time, such inbound links are the main ingredient to climbing in the search engines. There is so much information, and wrong information, about backlinking that it can fill a book. So if you are totally new to this, then make every effort to check the validity of anything you read about backlinking. If you aren't sure about something in this article, for example, check that out too.

We're providing you with reliable information, but you have no way of knowing this. If you want to start grabbing some high PR backlinks for your site, the following methods will show you how.

One method of getting backlinks that many online marketers often do incorrectly is article marketing. Knowing that top article directories like Ezinearticles are a good source of links and traffic, they publish quality articles on these sites. But they do this "before" putting it on their own site. This can be good for backlinking the article, but doesn't help their own site much, at least not directly. Having articles ranking well in the search engines can be helpful, but if you always focus on this, your own site will have trouble gaining ground. There's an often recommended tactic that gets you high PR backlinks, but which you should use carefully and ethically. Many people used automated software to create profiles at other blogs (that allow profiles), social bookmarking sites, and forums. You can do the same, but instead take the time to create high quality profiles and treat it and the property with respect. This can be an effective way to build lots of quality backlinks, but make sure you use anchor text with well researched keywords. Then you'll have quality backlinks from high PR sites, and anchor text that helps you rank for your keywords. Also try to do this on sites with related themes as your money site.

Private blog networks can be a good source of high PR backlinks if you can find a good one that is accepting new members, though you'll have to pay to get in. In some cases, a blog network will have several hundred blogs in many different niches. Very often, however, you'll end up with links from sites in niches not related to your own, which is not very helpful. You'll generally spin the articles you write, to keep the content unique, and then they'll be distributed throughout the network. You should also work on getting additional links to the page where your article appears. A single link can only do so much on its own. Do as much as you can to get more links to your content by bookmarking the relevant pages. There are lots of software programs you can find today that help you with backlinking, or claim to. Software is designed to automate the process for you. This is a strategy you should approach very cautiously, though. You can't rely on advertising, or even testimonials necessarily. You must do independent research because we guarantee you will find that the truth of their performance is not found in the sales copy. You can find better information on forums related to IM.

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