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  • Author Cassy Brown
  • Published February 21, 2011
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Leopard print has been a symbol of luxury and glamour for decades. Every designer from Dolce and Gabbana to Roberto Cavalli has put their signature spin on this wild feline pattern. I am eternally intrigued and inspired by designers, stylists and the serious fashionista’s consistent interpretation of this extraordinary print. Leopard has been mixed with lace, muted and periodically infused with color- and I love it!

Leopard is a print that let’s everyone know you've arrived. I know some of you like a bold entrance and some of you want to wear leopard, but you are afraid that leopard might be a bit to wild. So I have a few tips and a few seasonal selections to recommend:

  • A leopard print dress worn all by its lonesome makes quite a statement but when it is paired with black hosiery, handbag or luxe black booties it is instantly chic. Lane Bryant’s leopard wrap dress is my favorite pick for this perfect pairing.

  • I am also a huge fan of leopard prints with a colorful base. For example some designers have used burgundy, red and khaki as the base for this spotted print, which totally increases the wow factor. My advice for those willing to try this colorful trend is to wear it on a part of your body that you are comfortable with bringing attention to.

Remember that the print is bold and you never want your natural proportions to be unbalanced. This trend can also be worn with casual pieces in your closet such as Anna Scholz sequined leopard georgette tunic. Try wearing it with your favorite skinny jeans or this seasons fitted cargo pants and sexiest boot in your closet. This is a flexible look that works for a lunch date or a night out.

For those of you who like leopard print but are afraid of such an audacious print, I suggest you start with accessories- leopard print handbags, shoes, hats and gloves are a great way to indulge in this classic trend if you are a little print shy. Leopard print will always be a classic, don't be afraid of it.

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