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  • Published February 28, 2011
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Organize Your Office For Efficient Work

An office that is a mess, a desk that is stacked high with reports that will never be looked at again is a travesty. It is important to organize your office if you expect to work efficiently.

How do you begin to make your office efficient? Begin by organizing hanging file folders and getting those tall stacks of files off your desk. Each should reside in an appropriate place.

You also need to clear the floor filing system. The boxes here and there all need to be gotten up and organized.

What about your desktop? Is it clear or is it covered with papers and old coffee cups. Can you find your mouse, your stapler, your tape? Or are these things hiding under the mountains of accumulated paper.

If you find you need more assistance with your organization, purchase or request more hanging file folders for your filing drawers or desktop shelves and bins. Drawer organizers for writing devices, staples, staplers, paperclips, etc are also a great help. You can even get hanging bins that attach directly to a wall or can hook over the top of a cubicle wall.

Of course you must be certain things are adequately labeled as well. Label everything, bins, shelves, file folders, filing boxes. Be certain that it is all clearly marked.

It is very important to organize your office or work area because it greatly reflects your character and personality. If you want to come across as put-together, organized, efficient and capable, it would be highly beneficial to have a work space that reflects and projects this attitude. Being organized can also help inspire your coworkers to not only become organized, but stay that way. A little time and effort organizing your office can have many lasting positive effects, you just need to do it.

Organization is an important part of life, we cannot fully function without being organized.

You organize your office and gain great benefits to your self. Your work will go much better with organization.

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