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  • Author Tala Gashi
  • Published March 4, 2011
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McAfee Internet Security 2011 has proven itself again against some of the most rigorous tests, including ICSA, West Coasts Labs Levels 1 & 2 and Virus Bulletin 100%. Is one of the best proven security products in the industry.

It has established itself as a highly successful program at removing viruses, worms and Trojans. And it has many new features like Parental Controls and Real-time website security settings which provide protection as you surf the web.

Recently it has come under criticism for causing considerable PC slowdown and leaving unwanted traces after uninstallation. We feel this is a problem that many PC users won't experience, and with a little tweaking, Mcafee can match any security program in performance.

McAfee Internet Security 2011 includes a number of extras, including an online backup tool, hard drive defragmenter, and a secure-delete data scrubber. It provides the security you need to safely navigate the web, though we found it little bit lacking in some areas. The idle timer has greatly reduced the potential to slow your computer down while the realtime scanner is functioning. It has a unique combination of features and pretty good security, but it could compete with the best internet security software.

The initial setup is simple and the software has default settings so you don't have to do any extensive configuring. The first update might take a little while, but subsequent updates are quick and easy. McAfee Internet Security 2011 also includes the QuickClean tool, defragmenter and file shredder. McAfee QuickClean is a clean-up utility that helps you remove junk files and other clutter on your computer that can cause slowdown. The secure file shredder lets you permanently delete sensitive files in a manner that they can't be recovered.

We particularly like the Idle Timer feature which ensures that scans are only run when you're not actively using the computer to minimize impact on performance. The timer also prevents automatic updates from interrupting your computer usage.

Mcafee's firewall will stop all suspicious traffic from entering your PC during web use. It ensures that intruders and scammers don't get to your personal information. There are many threats like phishing scams and hackers that cause havoc to PC users, and a firewall is needed to keep them out. The McAfee firewall will keep intruders out and your personal information safe. It monitors your computer's ports and all data that enters or leaves. A special discount (50%) is available.

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