How To Get My Girlfriend Back: Five Basic Tips Explained


  • Author Brandon Jay
  • Published March 16, 2011
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Did you suffer a major break and need her back? These are the five keys to beginning the method of getting your fiance back fast.


After a break up it's easy to either talk too much about it or not talk about the subject at all. Neither of these is healthy. Write it all down or talk it out with one person (not your ex) so that you can just get everything out. Then you're done and it is time to leave it alone. Don't dwell anymore.

Logic Will Not Save You

First, don't reason with yourself. If you do not see why she broke up with you at this time, you probably won't. Often the reason doesn't appear sensible. Sometimes it is based entirely on something she felt, which is something nobody else can ever understand. You don't have to realise it. It is what it's so don't spend lots of time attempting to figure it out or puzzling over what you could have done in another way. You are squandering your time and losing her every second.

Further, Don't Attempt to Reason With Her.

I believe a common misconception about getting women back is that we are able to reason with them or appeal to their emotions and this just is not right. Yes, they are emotional and over-analyzing creatures, but when it comes to matters of the heart they can also be impulsive. Like I claimed, we will not always understand what's happening in someone's head or heart, but most likely it isn't based in logic.

Be Clear and Then Disappear

First it's important for you to grasp that your break up, regardless of what your current position is, is a great thing. You've got an issue you need to work out or maybe somebody just wants to cease taking the other person for granted. Even if you do not desire to get broken up, your relationship will stronger for it when she comes running back.

You need to be clear about what you need. You also need to agree with the breakup. You need to do this in a short and concise hand written letter or POSSIBLY a telephone call, not an email or text. You are able to say you continue to have feelings for the person, but you need to also say that breaking up is for the best. Agreeing with the split up is vital. Confirm your letter is SHORT, calm, and sound. The purpose is to be completely clear and to permit them to go. If you don't allow them to go (in a mature way) how will they come back?

Avoid Any and all Social Technology

After your one contact it is time to vanish. Women love a mystery and they like what they can't have. Disappear. I am letting you know it will work.

Do not text and don't call her. Take her out of your phone for the moment if you've got to. Give her space. She'll appreciate that you respected her wishes and then wonder what you're up to! Do not check her facebook or twitter, it will make you need to contact her.

Focus on You

Be around others you like. Find things to do that you like. And do not do any of this to better yourself to get her back. Do it for you. Ladies want independent, strong men. So focus on being the best person you may be, for yourself. She'll see.

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