How To Get My Girlfriend Back: What Women Want


  • Author Brandon Jay
  • Published March 5, 2011
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If you are reading this, you are struggling over losing a relationship and have been wondering "what can I do to get my girlfriend back"?

It is important when you would like somebody back to give them the space they require for a short while. This is often hard, but it is the key to getting her back. This is simple to see when you begin to understand what, exactly, it is that girls desire and how you can benefit from that to get your girlfriend back.

My sister and I have spoken plenty about our individual splits as we've grown up together and attempted to aid others. It's definitely helpful to have a woman's standpoint when you are dealing with women. And this info is right from the horse's (woman's) mouth.

Girls want two simple things:

To Feel Safe

-Women need guys that can take care of them (even when they do not need to be taken care of.)

-They need men who can protect them. These are independent men who stand up for themselves to other people and don't permit anyone to make them feel inferior (this is good for you, too!).

-Women feel safe when they know they are being was truthful. Honesty is essential.

A Challenge

-Women become bored. If you are constantly agreeing with or following a woman she's going to get bored.

-Stand up for yourself. A good quantity of pride and self-esteem are important. Don't always say yes to her. Women like backbones. You know how your buddies pick on you for being whipped? Yep, the girls are making fun of you too.

-A lot of men think (it's in all of the sitcoms) girls just want you to do whatever they want, but that's not accurate. It is great to take her wants and needs into consideration. However , always pronouncing yes and putting her before the rest including your own interests, is undesirable and can come across as passive, insecure, and needy. It also makes you appear to be a comparatively uninteresting person if she is the most vital thing in your universe. Girls don't find themselves that fascinating. Have your own interests. Do your thing. See how she fits in.

-Women regularly desire what they can not have. This is as those things have a mystery; they are not clear. They are a challenge.

So what does this mean for getting my girlfriend back, you ask?

First, it implies be sincere. If you probably did something that left the relationship crumbling and you're sorry, apologize. If there's something you just have to claim, say it.

Second, and this part can be tougher, it suggests you need to BE a challenge. Be something she won't have. Be an independent, powerful man who doesn't need her. Let me be clear though, sleeping around isn't being powerful. In fact, many ladies view that as weak. They know you're sleeping around to either ease your hurt ego or to make her jealous... Repulsive. And, not healthy for you because meaningless sex often make a hole left by a relationship feel even emptier. What I say is that after you have been sincere, depart, pursue things you like and have fun with your pals. Don't be fearful of dating other girls, but do not sleep around. Don't call her or text her. If she knows you're always moping over her where's the mystery she is dying for?

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