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  • Published March 22, 2011
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So you're one of those lucky few to be blessed with twins. It's double the joy for you, isn't it? But it in no way has to mean double the trouble when it comes to potty training twins. If anything, you can use the situation to your advantage and teach them faster, it all depends on how you approach the whole thing.

Kids learn through imitation, and herein lies a great opportunity for you to motivate your kids by giving one the example of other. It works. You begin by having the facts with you, once you know what to do you can go about it systematically when the time comes. It's possible that one child may begin to show signs of readiness earlier, better for all. Train him or her while the other gets an idea through observation. Reinforce the relationship between potty and bowel cleaning to both of them at every opportunity. We are not saying that there won't be mishaps. Of course there will be moments of exasperation when you kids will simply refuse to sit on the potty. Keep your cool; you'll look back at these travails with fondness later on.

For some parents it may work to their advantage to potty train same-sex twins while others will report better results in training a boy and a girl. It is all a very individual thing. Ideally you should try and get them into a routine where they both don't report "pressure" in the belly at the same time. Handling two bundles of energy inside a bathroom could be a bit more than what you'd bargain for. You will have to keep time aside for the training duration that may last for three to six months and on some days you could be involved in practical potty training as many as four times a day.

The key is to be alert to the child's cues that he or she needs to use the potty; it is the most important factor in toilet training your kids - boy, girl, or twins. Get the kid to the potty as soon as you notice an urge on his part, this is the best way to get him used to the potty, make him use it. When potty training twins your two kids may pick up potty use skills at a different pace from one another; this should not be a cause for worry. It is important that you don't discriminate between the twins if you perceive one to be a slow learner. Your feedback should be positive and approach should be gentle. Do this and soon you'll see that your kids are beginning to use the potty independently, right from getting out of their pajamas, using the potty, cleaning themselves, and wearing their pajamas again. You may have to do the potty cleaning till they achieve some maturity and better motor skills.

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