Top 7 Baby Girl Gifts


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  • Published April 13, 2011
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"Sugar and spice and everything nice – that’s what little girls are made of!" But what do they need after birth? Family and friends want to know what the best and most wanted baby girl gifts are. Those presenting want to ensure the presents are not only practical but desired as well. According to randomly selected parents, the most desired and often used gifts include:

  1. The sling – For the first couple weeks of life, newborns still feel as if they are connected to their mothers. Parents that like the idea of attachment parenting love the hands-free method of bonding with their infants. This provides mother a way to hold or nurse the child and carry her while tending to other things.

  2. The bouncy seat – Baby girl can play and listen to music while it vibrates. Parents can bring the baby to any room of the house and still let the baby recline and see mom or dad’s face.

  3. Clothes – Babies always need clothes. Since they grown at different rates, clothes in the expected size and the next size up help keep new parents prepared. A variety of pastel colors is a safe choice in case mom and dad do not care for solely pink clothes.

  4. Pack n play – This item acts as both a portable crib and a playpen which allows this to be versatile enough to meet the different infant growth stages. Fitted sheets are available for this bed.

  5. Diaper table – The basic table may or may not come with a place to change the baby. This item allows a place to store diapers, wipes, spare clothes, creams, powders, medicines, soaps and most small baby items without running all over the room to find them.

  6. Swing – A battery-operated swing to rock the baby has proved to be an invaluable gift to many first-time parents. The baby still has the comfort of being swung with a gentle hug feeling.

  7. Stroller – As the baby grows, this is a great transition from the sling. A stroller allows mom or dad a relief from carrying the child while giving the daughter an opportunity to sit up or lean back as she observes and rides past her surroundings.

Each of these presents is sure to get at least a few months of use from them. Any of these baby girl gifts is sure to be a welcome present to both new and experienced parents.

Katie Washington is contributor for CornerStorkBabyGifts,where you can find unique baby girl gifts.

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