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  • Published April 14, 2011
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The days when a baby was looked after by many maids and servants just don’t exist anymore. It’s the era of multi tasking where parents have many things to do besides taking care of the baby. With more and more people opting for working from home, the need for this multi tasking is becoming much greater than before. Baby slings are for those who try to get many things done, on a personal front as well as career front.

Baby slings are carriers for a baby that are made of fabric and are worn around the parent’s body from one shoulder to the opposite hip thus creating a pouch for the baby to sit. Also known as "baby wearing", these slings provide protection and comfort for the baby.

Baby slings are not common yet and many people think it is a recent invention. The truth is, however, far from that. Doing a mere check on the Internet can provide you ample details on them and tell you that these carriers have been in existence since prehistoric times in some form or the other. People used them to have their babies with them safe and secure while doing household duties or managing older children. Even today in a household with nuclear families baby slings can be highly useful, a fact which parents are still discovering.

So what are the benefits of using baby slings?

• The greatest benefit of baby slings is that they are "hands free". In other words, they let the parents carry the baby and walk around with their hands free to do other jobs. This makes it easy for shopping and kitchen work.

• Slings provide safety for the baby and keep your mind in peace as you can carry on with your jobs knowing that your baby is safe and sound with you.

• The baby would be resting in the warm environment of your body, thus being comfortable and cozy. Being in close contact with your body, the baby’s stress hormones are reduced inside a baby sling.

• Slings provide a bonding time for the baby with its parents. While the baby is with you so close you could cuddle and play with him.

• They make it possible for you to nurse the baby when you are outside home.

For new parents, baby slings are the best option when it comes to baby carriers. They are mostly inexpensive and can be easily carried around as they are made of fabric. They are one great way to show your affection for your baby with so many benefits and no complex technical processes involved.

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