How to Make Your Home a Safer Place for Your Little One


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  • Published April 25, 2011
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Have you gotten your home ready for your newly mobile baby? You might have remembered to baby-proof the cabinets and outlets, but there may be other areas in your home that could be unsafe for your baby and will require a safety gate. Your child will be exploring areas where you never even dreamed he might venture.


No matter how many little safety gadgets and gizmos you use on drawers and outlets, your child can still pull down hanging towels, yank on cords or pick up crumbs that spill on the floor.

Placing a baby safety gate across the kitchen doorway will help your baby avoid getting into a place he/she doesn’t belong without supervision. A pressure-mounted baby gate can be easily installed in your kitchen and removed based on your needs. With rubber pads, pressure-mounted baby gates won’t damage walls and requires no hardware to install. Plus, they are easy to keep clean and some expand, like the Evenflo Expansion Swing™ gate, to fit extra wide openings.

High-Traffic Areas

Keeping your little one contained within your view can be a challenge, particularly in high- traffic areas where gates can be cumbersome. For these areas, there are pass-thru gates available that allow the gate to be opened easily in both directions. Evenflo offers the Summit™ gate that includes an indicator to show when the gate is properly locked for added protection for your child.


The stairs are a big concern for parents, especially when baby begins to take her first few steps. Before you know it, she will be an independent toddler looking to explore her surroundings. A hardware-mounted gate can be installed for use at the top or bottom of the stairs to help keep baby away from these danger hot spots. Never use a pressure-mounted gate at the top of the stairs.

Child safety gates allow you to help keep your little one safe, sound and within sight at all times. There is no better protection you can offer your child than a watchful eye. Become the savvy parent you’ve always wanted to be by making your home a safer place for your precious baby.

Installation is a breeze and most of these safety gates come pre-assembled for added simplicity. Most hardware-mounted gates are great for standing up to a child’s leaning or pushing. Some baby safety gates swing open in both directions to offer you the convenience you need in a high-traffic area.

Offering a variety of strollers, high chairs,

safety gates and play yards, Evenflo has developed a strong reputation among new parents.

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