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Families looking for nannies know how hard it is sometimes to find a professional nanny you can count on. Naturally, each family’s list of demands reflects wishes you can’t always fulfill – you want the nanny to have the right experience, know-how and responsibility to take care of your precious ones. Using the services of nanny sites is one of the possible solutions that help parents find a good child minder who can fit their own specific needs.

The first step in finding nannies or babysitters is searching for a suitable online nanny placement agency that can help you match the right caregiver for your needs. You can start by using your favorite search engine by typing the right keywords such as your location, the city you live in, and the keyword "nanny" plus "agency". The results will be a list of nanny sites which are actually nannies referral services which will be able to provide a list of nannies looking for positions.

Most of the popular caregiver’s sites provide parents that ability to use a free nanny finder tool that can track down good nannies in only a matter of seconds. In order to run this search in the most accurate way, you will need to enter you zip code and select several criterions such as – live in or live out nanny, part time or fill time nanny, the nanny’s age and experience and more. The nanny locator tool will present to you a list of nannies that fits you description when the first nanny on the list will be the one who lives closest to you. Contacting the nannies will require you to register the service for free or by paying the monthly fee.

Top local and nationwide nanny websites provide this service free of charge along with the possibility of reviewing the candidate’s profile. From this you will be able to learn more about each nanny and better understand what kind of person she is, her life style, skills and availability. On top of that, good nannies will always offer you to review other family’s references. First hand opinions are always welcome.

The best nanny sites also support parents thought the screening and hiring process by providing necessary tools and advices such as – how to set the nanny going rate and what should be the suitable nanny salary, how to interview a nanny and which are the right questions to ask in a nanny interview, defining the right nanny duties and responsibilities and preparing a good nanny employment contract. Another important service which these websites may provide is the online nanny background check that helps families to check the person’s criminal background.

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