Choosing the Perfect Rocking Horse for Your Child


  • Author Scottie Chimera
  • Published April 27, 2011
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You've searched high and low for the perfect Christmas or birthday present and then by some miracle you decide on a rocking horse. Seems simple enough, right?

Well, it should be, but here are a few tips that all parents should bear in mind when choosing a rocking horse for their children.

First, start with the price range you would like to be in. Your mothers childhood rocking horse may have been bought for £5.00 and your grandparents thought that was expensive, but with a wide selection of styles, materials, colours and designs rocking horses can range from £50 (a very simple one) up to thousands (these are usually your own designs made to your specifications.) Set your price and stick to it.

Next parents should bear in mind when choosing a rocking horse for their children's age appropriateness. You do not want to buy a miniature pony that clearly states the recommended age is 6 - 24 months for your bubbly 7 year old. She will probably be devastated and your perfect gift just got moved to the list of "worst gifts ever."

Speaking of the "worst gifts ever" list, you will also make it there if you buy a rocking horse for little Mikey and when he opens it, it's pink. Rocking horses come in a lot of colours and designs; some are more gender specific than others, so pay attention.

A safety concern that most parents do not, but should bear in mind when choosing a rocking horse for their children is the type of rocker used. Will it be a traditional curved rocker that allows it to move more freely and possibly pinch younger siblings fingers or would you rather buy the framed wooden horse? The framed one will cost you a little more, but to save little Johnny's fingers it may be worth it. Again, stick to your set price range.

I still have the rocking horse from my childhood and have passed it on to my children. It has become a family tradition of sorts that I started and if it isn't around for my grandchildren I will be following my own tips while shopping for a new one.

Scottie is a intermittent journalist, writing infrequent articles in the UK. The complete range of wheelybugs ride on toys as well as kid's learning toys are available with free delivery at Designer Ark. For more information please visit the Designer Ark website.

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