My Baby Seems So Small - What Cloth Diaper Provides The Best Fit Just for Newborns?


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  • Published April 29, 2011
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Congratulations on your new baby! Now, comes this hard part of choosing a cloth diaper solution that will actually match your own little bundle of joy. THE reusable diaper that is too big will leak, and also runny poo is never fun! This brand names listed have won over much more parents with their excellent match and leak protection on newborns that are 6 pounds and smaller:

1.Thirsties Diaper Cover--X-Small (6-12lbs) Thirsties helps create a an ideal offer more heavy duty diaper include for nighttime use and awesome soaking babies. such as the Duos, they are water resistant with leg gussets, colorful, and purpose with prefolds and fitted cloth diapers. They possess a reduce out to the umbilical cords for newborns. Reviewers rave about not acquiring leaks and blowouts utilizing this brand.

2.Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap--Size one (6-18lbs) They're essentially trim fit diaper covers which can be used with prefolds. The leg gussets protect against leaks. The surface is made out of any waterproof and pliable material. Regarding newborns, the actual rise can be adjusted to suit below this belly option, so presently there will not be virtually any rubbing on the freshly cut umbilical cord. They will come in cute styles and also colours.

3.Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper--Size 0-Newborn (5-15lbs) They provide a low rise front but the back is nice and high which fits perfectly into a diaper cover. (These cotton fleece diapers are very absorbent and require the use of a diaper cover). The snap design can be adjusted for a more snug fit and is too difficult for little hands to undo. Elastic at the legs keep leaks to a minimum.

4.Bummis Bamboozle Fixed Diaper--Small (5-18lbs) These types of diapers are made of highly absorbent bamboo that is silky delicate and also non-toxic. The waist features adjustable snaps. ANY diaper handle is essential.

5.FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper--X-Small (4-12lbs) A true favorite in the cloth diaper industry, FuzziBunz have snaps at the waist and leg to get the trimmest fit. The microfleece inlay has a pocket that can be stuffed with inserts. The outside is fully waterproof, so no diaper cover is needed.

Some parents forgo cloth diapers completely until their babies are usually over a couple of months old. Thus giving them time to get through the first mind-boggling weeks with a new baby and gives the baby a chance to get some meat on their bones. A very common complaint is usually which babies with skinny legs have more diaper leaks with cloth diapers. If your baby is on the smaller side, among the proposed diapers may just be on your behalf!

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