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Which road do I have to take to rear a good child? Not to mention, you have to start working on the baby's nursery as well. Being a first time parent is hard enough. At the time of conception, your gratifying job as a parent finally begins. Being a parent is a life long experience.

Here are the processes that you should know to become skilled in parenting.

Know all there is to know about you own child - we are all different by nature, and we all have a unique character aspect that identifies us to be ourselves. It is a proven fact that most children copy their parents' actions, their mannerisms and their desires to follow their parents footsteps, but there are also those children who do not want to become like their parents and most of the time defies them. The children that rebels against what you (as the parent) have been used to are the ones you will need to implement good parenting skills with because they will definitely upset you and also leave you feeling discouraged at times.

Parenting is a never-ending job.

Most parents want nothing but the best for their children. Parents are often times unappreciated and overworked. To raise a child into being a good adult definitely takes a commitment (life long that is). As parents, we are not going to just sit back and do nothing about our child misbehavior or about the situation at hand, what kind of lessons are we teaching them if we doing nothing? Children would not survive the newborn baby stage, let along be full grown adults if parents didn't teach their kids properly. Even after all of your children have grown up, they will still come to you for advice.

Teach your kids self-reliance

Now that your children are adults, they too understand that everyone is responsible for the way they built their lives. As opposed to other children who have little or no opportunity to be allowed to explore self-reliance, who was never taught to learn that with possession always comes responsibility, and was never allowed to fulfill their very own needs, sadly they tend to acquire a sense of entitlement which obscures their sense of contribution. Avoiding to spoil your child is your choice, but this is the most important time for you to show them and make then understand compassion, to be with them as they moved on towards adulthood. As young as one-year-old, your child can start learning self-reliance.

Get more compliance from your child.

To gain more cooperation from their child, you must always use positive communication - You have to try phrasing your request or command in a much positive way as opposed to a negative way. If your child argues, all you have to do is to repeat that rule over and over, as opposed you starting a debate with your child and as a result of doing this, you will gain more cooperation from your child. In order to gain more cooperation from your child, try to think preventative - A lot of children develop a pattern of negativity and some specific triggers can set a child off at any moment in time therefore try to look for that trigger resulting in your child's defiance and then attempt to alter that pattern so that your child will be successful and more cooperative.

Common child and parent problems.

Parents have been corrected and rebuked many times before for saying "It's way different now" or by saying "Mom that happened years ago" and it seems that children make the same point as well. By taking interest, it will definitely encourage your own child to work harder and to maintain good behavior while at school. Of course, parents initial reactions might be of rage about the actual cost of the designer clothes, but come to think of it take yourself back in time reliving your school days, how you felt when you wanted to wear the latest clothes. Most parents often think that they know better and having that mind set is the biggest part of the problem because parent actually don't always know what's better fro their child.

Make memories with quality family time.

The following tips ensure that your family time will be stress free and will ensure that you will make your family memories last for a lifetime:

Design your dinner table to be a little more festive, avoid the usual setting of a bouquet of flowers. After finding that your family is now beginning to enjoy the family quality time and are beginning to look forward to your family spending more time together, they may even ask that family dinners be extended. If your family want to spend more time together by extending night time dinners, then you will know for sure that indeed good memories are made. Always remember that it's important to always start small to make family changes. Your family will need time to adapt and to absorb this new family dinning time experience. It's better to make gradual routine changes as opposed to major drastic changes that will certainly bring about all kinds of objections amongst your family. If family bonding feels good, then they are most likely to want to experience the family bonding time again so keep the conversation light, bubbly, happy, inspirational and upbeat for the whole family.

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