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  • Published May 2, 2011
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Feeling left out and ignored because you can’t breastfeed! Feeling left out and ignored is one the most popular complaints of dads when a new baby arrives home. Moms are too absorbed with their baby that they tend to forget that they have a husband to take care of, too. Now, daddy wants to get into the picture and thinks that bonding with their babies by through breastfeeding alone.

Oh, come on! Breastfeeding is not the only way for dads like you to bond with your baby. If you want attention all you need to do is get involved. Do not allow yourself to be left out. Your wife still knows that you exist but thinks that the baby needs more attention than you do. Meaning, don’t compete for attention. Get involved and take part in taking care of the baby. Your wife will greatly appreciate it and it is one way of getting her attention back.

You see, breastfeeding is not the only way to bond with your baby. If you really want to get into the picture and not left alone and ignore that is can be easily resolved. All it takes is to take part in taking care of the baby. There are many ways for dad’s like to do this, how?

Bathing with your baby under the shower is a great skin to skin bonding. You will not only enjoy so does your baby.

The power of touch creates the best bonding between parents and the babies. Try learning infant massages. Your baby will find this soothing and it will also be good for you. It is one way of connecting with your baby since they have limited communication skills and touch is one of the best ways babies can communicate.

Your loving touches help your baby in connecting with you in much better and faster way.

Wearing your baby on your chest is an excellent way between the two of you to see eye to eye. He does only hear your heartbeat but having an eye contact with him helps in building the bond between you and your little one. You will definitely enjoy it while your baby sleeps, looks at things around him and snuggles close to you.

Take your baby out for a walk in the morning. He will enjoy his new environment while lying down in one of the newest Baby Trend jogging strollers. This will be helpful in his social development.

Your little one loves music. They find it soothing especially if you sing it to them while dancing them around. This will give more fun to your baby and you. You can put on some lullabies and nursery rhymes. This is what you call real bonding experience.

Read to your baby when putting him to sleep. One of the most wonderful moments you will experience is whenever your little one recognizes your voice and turns his head towards you whenever he hears your voice reading to him. You can actually do this while still inside his mom’s womb.

Remember your little one has limited skills and playing with him by getting down on the floor with all those toys will simply make your baby giggling and happy. He’s trying to learn new things and you being the dad plays a big role in this as much as their mothers do.

Do you think you still need to breastfeed a baby to take care of him and bond? Of course not! There are a lot of ways you can take care and bond with him. Come on, you not that hard not to have a soft spot in your heart for your little one, right? Before you start sulking of being ignored do what you can do and get involved.

You don’t need to feed your baby to be connected – there are a million and one things that go on during a baby’s day, and you can be a part of all of them. It gives Mom a break, and you can bond with your amazing little creature.

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