Top 3 Benefits of Getting an RSS to Email Subscription

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  • Author Rachelle Anderson
  • Published May 13, 2011
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If you subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite sites, then you must have experienced being confused and agitated with the countless email updates that go into your inbox. It's great to know the latest news from the websites you like, but sometimes it can be annoying to receive multiple updates per day and delete them one by one. Oh, if only there was a way to keep your feed messages much more simple and organized!

Well, worry no more because there is in fact a brilliant solution to this dilemma--and that is getting an RSS to Email subscription! This type of online service makes it possible for you to receive just one email update per day that contains all the feeds from all your preferred websites. So now you can say goodbye to flooding messages because you'll be receiving only a single RSS feed summary as soon as you subscribe to this wonderful service.

To learn more about RSS to Email services, go ahead and read these top three benefits below and you'll be amazed at what they can do for you!

Benefit #1: Helps You Manage Your Inbox More Effectively

One of the problems that most online users deal with is a cluttered inbox. With all these updates, newsletters and feeds we get every day, it's easy to lose track and become disorganized. RSS to Email services helps you address this concern because it significantly reduces the number of RSS feed emails you receive every day. Instead of getting around ten, twenty or more updates, only one will be sent to you-therefore, lessening the clutter in your inbox and making it much more organized and effective to use.

Benefit #2: Save More Space in Your Mailbox

As you know, the more messages that go into your email, the more space they will consume. So if you don't do anything about your RSS feeds subscription right now, don't be surprised to find your inbox space almost full in the coming months. The only way you can control your mailbox's storage capacity is to delete old messages, and of course minimize the updates you receive. Since an RSS to Email service brilliantly compiles your feeds into one daily message, you'll really be reducing the amount of space consumed in your email-giving you more room for other important messages.

Benefit #3: Obtain a Detailed RSS Feeds Summary in One Message

Finally, RSS to Email services provide you with a detailed summary of your feeds. Although the updates have all been rolled into one message, they still come in great detail. The links to the websites along with some description are available in the daily email you'll receive. Everything is organized well for you, so you can start visiting the links provided and fill yourself in with the latest on the internet.

Now that you know the major benefits of getting an RSS to Email subscription, you should go ahead and try it for yourself. You'll definitely experience more comfort and convenience in receiving your feed updates with this incredible online service!

Want to organize your RSS feeds more efficiently? Visit RSS to Email today and we'll compile all your feeds in one single email that's automatically sent to you every day. Don't forget to subscribe to our free RSS feed packs so you can truly experience this incredible online service!

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