Tips on How to Become the Most Loved Fairy to Babies


  • Author Valentina Kaltchev
  • Published May 15, 2011
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Fairies are mythical creatures which have human figures and appear in spiritual forms. Do you have experiences in encountering them? No one really knows if they exist in human world but who knows if they might be true. Fairies are believed to have magical powers. According to legends, their magic can do everything like making one’s wish come true.

Fairies have their own chosen field just like in academic degrees. You probably heard about love fairy, tooth fairy, and baby fairies. If you are familiar with the story of Cinderella then you might recognize the fairy godmother who helped her attend a ball with her prince. Well if you like flying then you’ll know Peter Pan, the boy who never grows old and has a cute fairy named Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell is a fairy who mends pots and kettles as a tinker will do. Fairies have varying powers and appearance but they usually fly according to folklores.

Don’t you know that we can be considered a fairy on our own simple ways? You don’t need powers and the ability to fly just do good to others and be helpful. If you are going to ask what me what kind of fairy I wanted to be then I will answer you directly that I love to become someone who is loved by most babies. I love babies because they are cute and give me a never ending happiness. Those cute little angels are precious and innocent.

Babies do not know how to talk yet so that’s the difficult part of being a fairy to them. If you want to become a baby fairy then you must invest patience, love, and care to them with nothing in return. You must be a keen observer on their body languages because that’s the only way we can determine what they wanted to convey. Don’t be annoyed if babies cry. All you need to have are the proper baby sitting techniques. Remember that babies cry if they are not feeling good. They might be hungry, sleepy, or they might feel too hot or too cold. Sometimes babies cry if they wanted to be cuddled.

The most important thing to consider to become the best fairy is to know the word comfort. If your babies are comfortable the way the dress, sleep, and eat then they will not cry. And if they do not cry then baby sitters and mothers will be happy too.

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