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  • Author Samuel Clark
  • Published May 20, 2011
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As you probably know already, if you want your online business to succeed, you need to build backlinks from quality sources. Quite simply, as you build more links to your website or blog, your search engine ranking goes up. Linkbaiting is the term used to describe a number of techniques, all which have the goal of getting you backlinks from other blogs and websites relevant to your niche. In other words, you have to come up with some kind of bait that will allow you to get links from these sites. The following are a few effective linkbaiting techniques.

Give Them a Professionally Designed Theme: Ever wondered why so many good designs are just given away for free by web designers? Why do they work so hard on creating a theme or a template and distribute it for free? The answer involves exposure. They want to get more backlinks and exposure for their main website. You will always see that all free templates or themes that you use for your blog will have a link to the designer's website at the bottom of the page. This is where they receive the credit for their work. This is why they don't have a problem with giving it away for free.

Even you have the option to create a professionally designed template so that when other people start using it, you will get a backlink. Research Your Way to Being Successful: Many people consider researched content to be highly useful. If you can supply potential readers with statistics and content that is well researched, then they will gladly want to link to you. Bloggers are always searching for info that is very targeted and useful. For example, let us say that you are a part of the Forex niche. It would be easy for you to provide charts with information that other traders will appreciate. Attracting the attention of other people in your niche is all about helping them out, and by providing some kind of research and statistics. You will ensure that it will be easy for them to both use and link to your information.

Go on a Rant about Something: Rants are usually filled with zeal. They show your inner thoughts and are wonderful for getting a lot of attention. You could be just letting off some steam or ranting just to be ranting. However, if it is truly a powerful rant, you will see a lot of people who want to link to your blog. People want to be linked to these types of rants because they share the same feelings and can identify with you, where others disagree with your rant. So ranting can be effective as linkbait.

In conclusion, hopefully this article has made it clearer about how you can begin your own linkbaiting campaigns to benefit your sites. Getting websites to link to you doesn't need to be difficult, so you should be able to think of plenty of ways to generate creative linkbaiting tactics of your own. The key to making linkbaiting work is to be creative. You need to be different in your approach and give webmasters a real reason to want to link to you.

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