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  • Author Harrah Brown
  • Published March 17, 2011
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This is probably one of my most popular, favorite, and the easiest feng shui secret I teach. And now, with the time change, it's an absolute must that I share it with you!

This is for those who either set your clocks ahead a few minutes, hoping to get a little "extra time," or for those who have not yet changed ALL the clocks and time pieces in your home or car. When your clocks are set to an incorrect time, the message you're unwittingly sending out to the universe is this: It's Not the Right Time.

That means it may not be the right time for love, more money, a new opportunity, to meet that someone special in your life, to start your own business, to get fit, and the list goes on and on..... Instead create a home that say's "Now, IS the Right Time" to live your most fabulous life!

This Week: Correct Your Clocks

Set ALL your clocks, watches, oven clock, micro-wave clock, alarm clock, car clock, and any additional time pieces, (excluding heirloom time pieces that are not used for daily time telling), to the CORRECT time.

Stop setting your bedroom clock ahead. You don't get "an extra few minutes," as we all get the same 24 hours a day. All this does is create mental clutter, plus, since you know that you set your clock 10 minutes ahead, what's the point?

Now, every time you look at your clocks your new mantra will be: "NOW, Is the Right Time for all good things to occur in my life!"

Be on the look out for my next, upcoming Rich and Sexy Feng Shui Formula on-line course! My students have only a few weeks left, and are doing an amazing job learning how to feng shui their own home to attract their rich and sexy lifestyle! Plus, we've made a few changes which allows me to offer the course at an amazing, "OMG, you've gotta do it!" price so you can join us when the next course opens soon!

Here's what Alley had to say:

"I would just like to convey my deepest appreciation for your Rich and Sexy feng shui course. I have taken 3 other classes on feng shui, and learned more in your course in just a few weeks than I have learned in the past 3 classes. You make it interesting and FUN to be apart of your course.

Thank you so much for your impeccable knowledge and the time you put in for your students." -Alley

Now, "That's Good Feng Shui!"

Live Inspired!

Harrah Brown

America's #1 Feng Shui Coach

Harrah Brown – America’s #1 Feng Shui Coach.

Harrah studied feng shui, personal growth and spirituality in the U.S. and China, is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, serves on the Education Committee for the International Feng Shui Guild, and is as a Certified Self-Esteem instructor. Harrah’s book, Everyday Feng Shui: Tips for Home and Office, is now available FREE on her website at Harrah's "Rich and Sexy Feng Shui" course is at

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Paula · 9 years ago
Great article! I've been looking for feng shui tips, and am signing up for your Rich & Sexy Course- what a bargain!!