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  • Published June 3, 2011
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Product Overview

The Maclaren Volo stroller is the lightest of all Maclaren strollers (weighing at approximately 8.6 pounds). Along with its lightweight feature, this stroller also comes with a handy carry strap. These 2 features combined makes this baby stroller extremely easy for one to carry around - Hence making this baby stroller the ideal choice for shopping, day trips or short vacations.

Another thing about this particular baby stroller that we would like to point out is that, the mesh seat within the stroller can be easily removed and cleaned - Therefore, it doesn't matter if the seat is dirtied (such as from food and drink spills, from their muddy shoes, etc.), as you can always take it out and clean it.

In terms of suitability, this Maclaren Volo stroller is perfect for babies who are 6 months or older, and also in terms of its capacity, this stroller can take up to 55 pounds in weight.

Key Benefits

This Maclaren Volo stroller comes along with several features that will benefit you, as well as your baby, and the following are some of the major key benefits of this stroller that we would like to highlight in this section:

  1. Extremely Easy To Push & Maneuver

Due to its lightweight nature, this particular Maclaren stroller is extremely easy to push. Also, you can even maneuver corners with this stroller using just one hand, all thanks to the front duel swivel wheels.

  1. Cheap Baby Stroller With The Basic Features All In

This particular stroller comes with all the basic functions that you possibly need - such as the sun canopy (which helps shields your baby from the hot sun), and a rain cover (which helps to protect your baby from being caught in the rain).

And when you look at the price of this stroller, it costs less than $150 on Amazon, which is highly affordable for most parents.

  1. "5 Point System" Ensures That Your Baby Is Secure In The Stroller

The Maclaren Volo stroller comes with a "5 point system" that crosses the shoulders, thighs and crotch to help sure that your baby is extremely safe and secure when they are in the stroller.

Also, there is a shoulder strap within the stroller that can help keep your sleeping baby from slumping.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to customers' reviews about the Maclaren Volo stroller, customers have mixed feelings about it. However, there are more positive reviews as compared to negative ones.

Let us first look at the positive reviews - A majority of the customers acknowledged the fact that this particular baby stroller is very lightweight and compact, and as such, it makes it very easy for them to carry about from place to place. They have also found the removable mesh seat feature to be very ideal, as many a times, the seats will get very dirty easily (due to various reasons), and they can easily remove it and clean it up.

Many customers have also highlighted that this stroller is extremely easy to open and close, and can be done with just one hand. This allows them to be able to free their other hand to carry their baby.

Now, let us look at the negative reviews - One major downside about this particular Maclaren Volo baby stroller that we have noticed, as well as highlighted by many customers, is its lack of a recline feature - meaning, their babies can only be in a single seated position whenever they are on the stroller (and this might be uncomfortable for them if they were to be seated in the stroller for a long period of time).

Another downside about this stroller that was highlighted by customers was that, the front wheels will touch the canopy (and dirty it) when the stroller is closed.

Final Verdict

If you want a stroller that has a recline function, then this particular Maclaren Volo stroller is definitely not suitable for you, as it does not allow you to recline.

However, if you want a baby stroller that has all the basic functions at a relatively low price, or you are looking to buy a cheap stroller just as a standby to a high performance stroller that you already have, then we would highly recommend the Maclaren Volo stroller to you, as it has all the basic features of what a baby stroller should have, at a hugely affordable price.

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