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Busy Baby iPhone App Now Available on iTunes

The Busy Baby iPhone App from Learning My Baby will be available on itunes as of April 1, 2011. The Busy Baby App will make it simple to keep track of all your babies progress.

Columbus, Ohio,04/01/2011 –

The Busy Baby iPhone App from Learning my baby is going to make keeping track of the important aspects of parenting and the first months of a baby's life as easy as hitting a button. The best and most unique feature of this app - night mode - will make keeping track of your baby as easy as hitting a button.

I'm going to tell you about my favorite feature first: night mode.

Turn on the Busy Baby App and immediately have the option of hitting one button (okay, sometimes two or three, but that's the most) and what your baby was doing at three in the morning is being tracked. Whether baby was up every hour and a half or two hours to be feed, wet or dirty, or how long your baby was awake after deciding play time started at three in the morning. Nights all blurred together for me after a while, and although it wasn't really critical to know whether or not the diaper I changed last night was wet or dirty, when my baby didn't have a dirty diaper for almost a week I wished I had been able to remember which late night it was exactly that I had changed that diaper. So, night mode will be easy, even in a sleep deprived, exhaustive state. When the screen comes up, there will be three main buttons, the feeding buttons: left, right, and bottle. Once you hit the left or right button, you're done; it's that simple. The awake button at the bottom keeps track of how long the little one is awake before allowing you some more sleep. I wanted it to be as easy and effortless as possible.

The idea was to have an app specifically for keeping track of what baby did at night; but there are a lot of things that go into taking care of a baby and following their progress during the day that could be made simpler as well. It became clear that the app needed to be more comprehensive. It's definitely more convenient to know how long your baby is napping every day and how often, how long it has been since they were last feed, whether or not they're due for medicine, etc. There's also a nice function that helps breast feeding (and thus inevitably, pumping) mothers keep track of how often they're pumping. There's a button that tells you when the next pediatrician appointment is, and an alarm to remind you a day or so beforehand (set it yourself) and a way to keep track of immunizations. Everything in day mode is important not because it isn't possible to keep track of it in other ways, but because having everything in one simple App... in one place, available at all times, is so much more ideal. It allows busy parents and busy babies, to keep track of things without having to rack their brains every time they need to recall something.

The Busy Baby iPhone App can be found on itunes, you will find a direct link at www.learningmybaby.com. At learningmybaby.com you will also find links to our blog@ learningmybaby.blogspot.com and our facebook fan page , http://tinyurl.com/5u99ar2 , and more information on the Busy Baby iPhone App and Learning My Baby.

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The Busy Baby iPhone App from Learning My Baby will be available on itunes as of April 1, 2011. The Busy Baby App will make it simple to keep track of all your babies progress.


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