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If you've decided on formula as the choice for feeding your baby, you might be a bit confused about all the choices.

What types of adapted milk are there?

In the market there are various types and varieties of artificial milk. They differ in the way of preparation, composition and age for babies, which are intended. For selection of the adapted milk consult pediatricians who monitor your baby.

Artificial milk for babies are made so that approximately resemble the composition of breast milk - adjust the ratio and type of protein, fat, sugar, salt and other nutrients. On the advice of a physician can also use the milk for your baby to have less gastrointestinal disorders such as cramps, gas and thin stools.

In the market there and milk that are fortified with vitamin D and iron, but they are intended for babies older than the fourth month.

When the baby goes to breast milk or standard formula to regular cow's milk, can drink milk with added iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin C and D.

There are even special adapted milk for those babies who are allergic to milk or have a metabolic disorder such as phenylketonuria.

Ready to mix

This milk is most prevalent in the market. Sold in powder or liquid and should be dissolved in conventional or sterilized water. This alternative is cheaper, but it takes more time to prepare.

Ready for pouring

This formula milk for babies is sold in cans of different sizes. Open a can and pour into a sterile bottle and so offer your baby.

Ready to use

Fast food for babies - This variant of milk is sold packaged in a bottle and is designed for one meal. The amount already prepared milk in the bottle is 125 or 250 ml. Just put pacifier on sterilized bottle and baby can eat.

In some cases where a child has some health problems, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of adapted milk because there are a variety of special formulas:

If your baby has diarrhea often, choose lactose - free formula or milk with low amount of lactose,

If there is intolerance to lactose and sucrose, it is a special milk formula which is based on soy milk,

Premature babies and babies who have an allergy to proteins in cow's milk to drink formula milk, based on the proteins from whey,

Children with coeliac disease, recommended milk formulas are gluten-free,

Children with phenylketonuria, formulas without phenylalanine,

In the case of allergies, it is soy milk formula, they does not contain lactose, for better filing.

Make sure that the composition of milk includes the following essential ingredients:

Taurine (amino acid), which is involved in the formation of brain tissue, retina, and the adoption of fat digestion, and the formation of immunity,

Lipids - which are also necessary for the formation of brain tissue and retina,

Whey - in mixtures which is based on cow's milk, it replaces the casein (milk protein), and such a formula is easily digested.

When you make a meal out of baby milk adapted always follow the manufacturer's instructions and be that consistent. When purchasing an artificial milk or water for making it, you should check the production date.

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