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  • Published June 14, 2011
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One of the many good things with having a sweet little girl is that they are easier to potty train. Generally, they get ready earlier than boys for training and respond faster to instructions. Your job becomes that much easier.

Your little girl will let you know when she's ready to be trained. It should happen by the time she reaches eighteen months of age. May happen later sometimes, but that's no cause to worry. Once the baby girl is able to stay dry for extended periods and can communicate through gestures, then take these as cues for beginning the baby girl's potty training.

A word of caution, it is imperative that you begin only when you have a level of confidence in your child's understanding and motor skills. Don't be in a hurry to toilet train your child or it may backfire.

Training a girl in potty use is not much different from training a boy; in both cases patience and understanding is needed. And you can pick up many useful pointers from parents on online forums who have successfully taught their little daughters about potty use. Mostly you'll see that most tips talk about positive reinforcement that can work wonders for the little child's confidence.

The process involves being alert to the child's need to go to the toilet. Take the girl to the toilet, help her out of her pajamas, and sit on the potty. A couple of points to remember - avoid having the child wearing elaborate clothes unless it is cold season. Children may not have the muscle control to hold on till you get them to the potty after removing long pants and undergarments.

A couple of things to be kept in mind when potty training girls - see that they sit erect on the potty and do not lean forward. Spraying is less of an issue with girls as it is with boys. However; hygiene deserves special care. Girls are susceptible to infections of the urinary tract. Little girls may not be able to clean themselves independently and the parent has to ensure that she is clean after using the potty. Also, get a potty with a seat so that the child can learn to use it with the seat down from the very beginning.

Six months of diligent training on your part should have your little girl ready to use the potty; you will have to be there for her till such time that she can independently use the potty. In any case, by the time the little one is ready for pre-school, she will have gotten over her diaper dependence.

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