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According to the recommendations of the Committee for the nutrition of the European Union, from January, manufacturers changed the standards in the production of adapted milk. Why is this important? Any mother who, for whatever reason can’t breastfeed her child immediately after discharge from the hospital wants to know that milk is best for her newborn baby, since almost all children have problems with their tummy in the first few months.

In the new milk formulas are represented in the optimal amounts of lactose (milk sugar), and the latest standards for white sugar (sucrose) in milk should not be present even in trace amounts!

In addition, under the new criteria of quality, milk formula is not merely an imitation of her mother's. Milk formula should achieve the same biological effect, that his taking the baby to be healthy, to grow properly and have good immunity. The milk for babies is therefore added to the LC-PUFA, and fatty acids that are important for vision and brain development. It was found, namely, that the child is much better mentally develops when they clearly perceive objects and characters before they reach six months.

Healing and nutritional

Baby milk who deviates from the prescribed standards must not be used. Caramel sugar, disputed is not harmful, differs from the established rules and has a lower nutritional value. It is most important for babies, parents and the whole society that milk comes directly from the manufacture, as confirmed by a customs declaration indicating the composition, place of manufacture and date. This document is required and so that we ensure that our babies use milk that is distributed in the European Union.

Of particular importance to the maternity wards, are different brands of milk, because although they are similar, they are not of the same composition, and have different tastes, even when they are whit completely identical nutritional value.

If the mother accepts the advice from the doctors as a medical rather than a recommendation, the baby can get milk that does not suit her taste. Instead it develops gradually and slowly takes food that he likes the child will ingest milk in order to satisfy hunger, lately it will "jam" food in itself, and more likely to be obese in adulthood. This is just one reason why it is important that our children have different milk formulas available.

Some babies suffer when they have stomach cramps and gas. These problems arise because the capacity of the digestion of milk sugar by small children is limited. Then it should help milk formula with reduced lactose.

It is advised to the parents to study of baby milk for healthy and sick children and to choose some reputable global manufacturers that have already been present for decades in market. Necessarily see the declaration of origin and try the milk before use, because it is important that babies get milk of a pleasant taste.

Why not cow's milk

Cow's milk has too much protein and minerals, and can overwhelm a baby's little organism. It has low fatty acids that are needed for normal growth and development of infants, and very little vitamin C and E, iodine and iron which are poorly absorbed, so the children fed whit cow's milk are anemic.

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