Choosing the Best Car Seats: What You Need to Know


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  • Published April 27, 2011
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Buying a car seat is one of the most important purchases a parent will make for their child or baby. There are many things to look at when trying to find the best car seats on the market. Just because a car seat is expensive doesn’t mean it is highly rated. Here are some aspects to looking at when shopping for the car seats.

Value – When shopping for a car seat, the first step to the process should be determining how much you have available to spend. There are plenty of car seats out there, and this step will allow you to narrow down the field. Some of the best car seats on the market are fairly inexpensive. If you don’t have a very big budget, you can also buy a car seat gently used. If you go this route, just make sure that the car seat hasn’t been modified or tampered with.

Safety Features – Once you have figured out what you are willing to spend, start looking into the different safety features each car seat has. Some safety features include reinforced steel bars and frames, impact technology, side impact protection technology, and stabilization. Safety features are the most important features to look at when trying to find the best car seats. Don’t be blinded by flashy features that do nothing to protect your child.

Comfort Features – After looking at safety features, you should also look at the comfort factor of the car seat. After all you don’t want your little one to be uncomfortable every time you take a trip. This may include padding, head and body support, reclining features, and different types of fabric.

Ease of Use – Putting a car seat into your vehicle shouldn’t be a huge chore. The ease of use differs from car seat to car seat. Depending on your mechanical ability and patience, get a car seat that works for you.

Specifications – Make sure you check the specifications when looking for the best car seats out there. These specs may include front facing, rear facing or both, how much weight the car seat can hold, harness technology, and whether or not the car seat is convertible for a going child. Also, look at the weight and what the car seat is made out of.

These are some of the top features to look at when trying to find the best car seat to purchase. When you find a few candidates that are within your price range, be sure to check out review websites to see what buyers say about the car seat. This will give you a good idea on whether or not the car seat is a good fit for you and your baby.

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