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Based on the Guttmacher Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sexual and reproductive health, every year, about 750,000 women in the Usa between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant (See Resources). For a lot of of those teens, enrolling in teenage parenting classes can mean the difference between being prepared and equipped to take care of parenthood, or not.


Kids of teen parents are at a higher risk to encounter health problems, have developmental delays and be victims of child abuse. Teenage parenting classes give teens the basic knowledge, skills and support that they need to increase their child's likelihood of being physically and developmentally healthy. From dealing with a colicky baby to taking care of a crying child, parenting classes give teens effective strategies for parenting during moments when child abuse will probably occur (See Resources).


From newborn baby care to managing toddler outbursts, teenage parenting classes give young parents the tools they need to help them achieve success. Instructors provide education on child development, behavior modification, health and safety. Additionally they provide resources for teen parents including mentoring, financial assistance and counseling.


When parents are equipped with the knowledge, tools and skills that they must parent effectively, their kids will improve cared for. Many teenage parents are unaware of how to take care of the child but when given the proper education, they can put their knowledge into action and be better role models, caregivers and disciplinarians for their children. Parents who learn how to properly bathe an infant, for example, are less likely to injure their baby with scolding water or to leave them unattended, which is a common cause of bathtub drowning.


Teen parents in many cases are in financial hardship and could not be able to afford to pay for parenting classes. Unable to complete their high school education since they're taking care of their child, teen moms aren't usually able to earn enough to support their family, even when they can secure free childcare. Many teen moms also have trouble getting child support from the baby's dad and rely on government services like food stamps to help them get by (See Resources). These factors make paying for parenting classes extremely difficult for a lot of teens.


Encouraging abstinence may be the only way fool proof way to avoid teens from becoming parents. But since many families and school systems promote safe sex plus some teens are going to have sex regardless of what they're taught, the risk for teen pregnancy still exists. If teens were required, by law, to sign up in teenage parenting classes, they'd notice the time, support and information that's available for them and would learn skills and strategies that may help them to become better parents.

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