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Business Cash Advance is a preferred method of expanding your business especially if you have a small business or in a mid-sized company. The method, unlike most traditional bank loans system favors small businesses and mid-sized companies due to its simple and effective steps. Hence, a Businesses Cash Advance is defined as an amount of payment to a business that is exchanged for an agreed credit card sales in the future. The Advance is usually taken annually in accordance with the average performance of the business and is usually for the main purpose of expanding the business.

There are many advantages of Business Cash Advances in comparison or not necessarily in comparison with other types of businesses. Among the many advantages include the availability of the advance to high risk businesses, no lease required to qualify and no land lord reference required. If a person decides to work with cash and checks than credit cards then the person will benefit up to 50% advancement on bank deposits.

Other major advantages in business cash advance include the monthly payments. To the contrary of bank loans, business cash advance do not offer a fixed amount of annual pay but it does offer a payback repay in accordance to how the business is performing. If the business is dropping in sales, then the annual rates would be low but if the sales are good and advancing then the payments would be average.

There is a collateral risk and no credit when dealing with Merchant Cash Advances as it is treated as a sales transaction and not a loan. The fact that a Business Cash Advance is not a loan makes it easier to apply for and it does not ruin your credit card exposure. It is also easy to apply for the Cash Advance as one can also receive it online provided with the right requirements which include at least credit card sales of about $5000 in a month, no bankruptcy state and a business account.

One has also a high approval rate to advance in a business performance which is very unlikely in a bank loan. Business Cash Advance also does not need complex application process as it is very simple to apply and be accepted with very little paper work needed. It is mostly best suited for small businesses and companies that are desperate to expand their field of business and do not have the qualifications to take a bank loan, hence it is the reason why it is regarded as a better option compared to the traditional bank loan.

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