Virtual Worlds Can Promote Your Kid's Growth


  • Author Sarah Miller
  • Published August 14, 2011
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Virtual worlds, like eKidnaworld might seem like all fun and games for kids. Imagine, a world full of games and friends from all over the world! Not only that, they can also dress-up however they want and own items they could otherwise only dream of. But within all the fun, a virtual world actually contributes to your child’s personal growth.

They can be a platform for your child to practice her social skills. Kids learn how to mingle and interact with other kids from different cultures and backgrounds. Shy kids will become more confident making friends. The usernames that kids use give them anonymity and allows them to be whoever they want to be.

A study conducted by British Broadcasting Corporation concluded that virtual worlds are a powerful and engaging medium for children. While playing on these online worlds, kids can put into practice the values that they need in real life such as being helpful, polite and gracious. They can also develop positive attitudes that can improve their future careers like being goal-oriented and persevering. One of the reasons that kids love virtual worlds is the goals they can achieve while playing on it. These goals come with benefits and awesome prizes, so kids learn that if you work hard for something, great rewards await you. Kids also learn how to thrive by healthy competition with other kids. They learn that nobody likes a sore loser and a boastful winner is not cool either.

They can also stimulate kids' creativity. From creating their avatar to choosing their username, kids get an opportunity to create their own identity and establish who they are. Plus, because they don't have anyone to tell them what to wear or choose their clothes for them on the virtual world, kids can also develop their own sense of style. Kids can also own a house on a virtual world and they can decorate and furnish it as they want, further encouraging their creativity.

Parents will also soon discover that these games provide a good platform for them to teach their kids about the value of money. They are able to teach kids about personal finance using the currency on the virtual world. Kids can earn the virtual world's money after playing the games and going on quests, they can use the money to buy clothes, items and furniture for their houses. Kids can learn how to spend money wisely and save up for the things they want. Parents can also teach moderation to kids by controlling the time kids spent playing the game.

Online worlds can contribute to a kid's appreciation of the world as a whole. eKidnaworld is an Australian-themed virtual world but kids from all over the globe log in every day. This gives the children an opportunity to interact with kids from different countries and learn about each other and their cultures.

Virtual worlds are an interesting and exciting tool to help facilitate your kid's growth. Kids learn while playing, so they do not view it as a lesson but a form of entertainment - making their minds more open to the ideas being presented to them.

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