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  • Published August 21, 2011
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A single parent has many issues to deal with alone. He/she has to deal with finances, work, family and house issues. There is hardly any time left for them to consider any personal relationship.

Moreover, it might not be easy to get into any relationship with the demands of the home, children and work.

Good Babysitter

If the children are young, the single parent can engage a babysitter to enjoy a night out with friends alone. This will be a good break for him/her. A good babysitter will take the parenting responsibilities away, albeit for a short while, from the single parents. It is a breather space for the single parent to be rejuvenated or de-stressed.

Understanding date

Finding an understanding date is another option for single parents who do not mind dating with children on tow. It would make a good 'family' outing as well as gauge the relationship between the date and the children. It is necessary to ensure that the date and the children are comfortable with one another so that the single parent is not torn between the two parties.

A date can be a casual company for a time or two unless a serious relationship starts developing. The date must then be clear about parenthood commitments if both parties choose to carry the relationship deeper.

Quality Family Time

If the single parent spends sufficient time with the children, showering enough care and love, the children will grow up secure and independent. There would be no hindrances from the children when the single parent decides to go on a date. But if the children do not get enough love and time with the single parent, feelings of insecurity may come on when the parent goes on a date and there may be difficult situations between the children and date.

Types of dating

It is difficult for a single parent to be on a date after losing his/her spouse or having not been on a date for a long time. Hence, the types of date to get a single parent dating again are important as the wrong types may cause the single parent to turn away from future dates.

If the single parent is unfamiliar with the date, it is better to make it a foursome or group date rather than the pair alone. Awkwardness may set in if the single parent is not ready for a date or become emotional during the date.

Good dates would be casual interaction with another opposite sex with no demands and expectations where both parties enjoy a night out on a common interest or activity. That would release the tension between the single parent and the date.

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