The Importance of Child Safe Blinds


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  • Published July 4, 2011
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A child's bedroom should be a place where safety is of paramount concern. Parents want the piece of mind that comes with knowing there are no hidden dangers in a room. Parents should all be aware of the danger that a traditional window blind can present. In recent times there have been incidents where children have been seriously injured or killed by getting tangled in the cord that hangs from blinds. The blinds industry has responded to this accordingly and there have been some new additions to the market to tackle the problem. These include add on items that can help make blinds safer.

You can now buy items such as easy break chain connectors, cord and chain tidies and tie down clips. You could also take measures such as keeping cord blinds out of reach of children or removing the cord altogether. These measures and add ons may help improve the safety of a blind but if you are looking for total one hundred percent assurance that the blind in your child's room does not pose any threat then there is a new addition to the market which does the job.

The Sunbuster blind is a brand new product which solves the safety problem by removing the cord from the blind altogether. The Sunbuster manages this through its simple and unique means of design. The blind attaches to the window pane simply and effectively removing the need for any cord. As well as being child safe the blind is also a thoroughly effective blackout blind. Due to the coverage of the window pane by the blind it is one of the more efficient blinds on the market. The blind is also a made to measure product so it gets rid of the hassle of trying to find blinds which fit your window frame exactly.

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