Does Your Life Feel Like a Continuous Juggling Act?


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  • Published September 13, 2011
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Multitasking: The magic mantra for a modern day working professional!

Multitasking is the magic mantra to success in the modern times. With so many avenues to concentrate on and with many ambitions to fulfill, life becomes one big struggle. Managing several tasks simultaneously can sap the energy out of any individual. However, that still doesn't prevent people from turning their lives into a continuous juggling act!

If multitasking is the magic mantra to success, then stress is its biggest side effect. Stress at work and home can be pretty daunting and can make you feel moody, irritable, and withdrawn leading to several stress related health ailments. The demands of a high pressure work environment and the stress to meet deadlines leaves a person with no job satisfaction whatsoever. In retrospect, people realize that they have lost their well-being in the quest to achieve greater heights in their careers.

Every problem has a solution!

Multitasking can be rewarding, if practiced with discipline and with certain strategies. However, in the course of a busy everyday life, people seldom find time to reflect on their lives and form a systematic plan of action in order to manage several tasks together. In such situations, one of the best possible solutions that helps in getting one's life in order is engaging the services of a Life Design Coach.

Life Design Coaching

Life coaching helps a person find answers to the most important questions that can influence them. Questions such as:

"What is the purpose of my life?"

"What are the priorities in my life?"

"Where is my life heading to?"

"Am I truly happy?"

"What does success actually mean to me?"

"Am I truly satisfied with my professional and personal life?"

"What do I love to do and what is it that irritates me?" and finally

"What can I do to make live my best life?"

Finding the right answers to these questions can help a person remain satisfied and on target, with the feeling of having surety of a way forward in life. This is where the services of a Life Design Coach can help to optimize the actions to take that will help with getting ahead despite life’s personal or professional demands.

When a person is caught up in the routine of everyday life, his vision becomes very limited. He begins to think in terms of "What do I do next?". In the process, he loses sense of the bigger picture in life. If he cannot achieve the immediate goals that he has set for himself, he gets frustrated, forgetting that life has a lot more things and many more opportunities to offer. Frustration can be contagious. Frustrated parents can pass on their frustration to the family and especially their children and so affecting the positive ambiance of the whole house.

The ideal woman!

Women are more likely to be under constant stress from multitasking than men. Having to manage the house, children and the demands of a full time job can be disorienting for a woman. It is very important for a woman to attain the perfect balance between work and home. As children grow, their demands grow too. For a mother to spend time with her children is a prerequisite for a good upbringing

Life Design Coaching is the perfect solution to finding tangible and effective strategies to the number of problems life presents us with. A Life Design Coach is a supporter, engager and accountability coach in your life. A Life Design Coach helps someone to organize their life by checking attitude and behavioral actions; provides suggestions for a way forward and demonstrates techniques for time management and priority setting in one’s life. This leads to the Client channeling their energies in the right direction and helps them move towards their goals with much greater vigor.

Types of Life Coaches

There are different kinds of life coaches. Some of them deal with specific areas of life such as relationships, career and family. Life coaches also help in providing the required motivation and that thrust that is often needed for a person to cross the thin line between uncertainty and clarity. In effect, life coaching can give you that ‘oomph’. As your Life Design Coach, I will be your coach, motivator, encourager and supporter who gives you that final push you need to achieve your goal. To put it in a nutshell, when you take up my service of Life Design Coaching, you will gain focus, clarity and direction in your life.

As your Life Design Coach, I am someone you can speak to in confidence. No, coaching is not counseling, mentoring or therapy, although I will listen to your challenges and will feedback to you to help you gain direction in life. You can speak to your Life Design Coach without the fear of seeming opinionated or crude. The magic of having a Life Design Coach is I have the ability to review your life from the outside, while taking into consideration all the emotional and mental turmoil you may be experiencing within. The combined analysis will equip me to feedback to you where you are now and where you want to be, so that you can improve the conditions of your life. Subsequently, you become more organized, focused and get the locus of control of your life back into your circle of influence.

Benefits of having a Life Design Coach

The increasing stress levels that we are all under, makes it important to have someone to talk to without inhibitions. An important quality in the Life Coach that you have is their ability to listen judgment and to maintain Client confidentiality. A session with me, your Life Design Coach, will seem more like talking to a trusted friend and not like listening to or being directed to carry out instructions. Before you engage the services of a Life Coach, be sure to ask questions to check whether they are right for you. Email to request a list of ‘Questions to Ask Your Life Coach’. This will help you to be sure that your Life Coach is right for you.

One thing for sure about today's work culture is that you have to be amongst the best in the industry to survive. If you are among the thousands of people who find it frustrating to always procrastinate from fulfilling your real goals due to the stress of everyday life, then Life Design Coaching with me is the answer for you. I will help you to manage stress and do better in the existing situations. Life Design Coaching with me will help you to bring harmony between your personal and professional life. Read the testimonials from some of my past Clients to find out how I can help you to get your life back on track!

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