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  • Published September 20, 2011
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Top 3 Baby Formulas and Coupons to Save Money

Organic Baby Formula: Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron - This particular baby formula brand is popular amongst users who praise it for the fact that it is free from all the hormones and other harmful chemicals found in other brands such as Enfamil and Gerber. This makes it great for health conscious parents who fear formula that comes from cows injected with hormones and other chemicals to produce milk. This particular brand of formula is also free from artificial colors, preservatives and flavors, but does contain DHA and ARA which are essential for your child’s brain and eye development.

Best Iron and Lipid Baby Formula: Enfamil EnfaCare Lipil Infant Formula – This formula contains iron and lipids which makes it ideal for anemic babies and premature infants as it helps supplement the diet of your baby, thereby assisting the premature baby in weight gain. This formula has therefore come very highly recommended by many new parents who feel that it is ideal in aiding underweight babies to steadily gain weight.

Best DHA/ ARA Baby Formula: Similac Expert Care Alimentum Hypoallergenic Formula – This formula is popular amongst new parents who praise it for containing DHA and ARA which are fasts essential to both brain and eye development in newborns. Some parents have reported that their newborns are now able to sleep through the night without constantly spitting out this formula as previously done with other formula brands.

Obtaining Similac Coupons and Samples

Because of the high costs of baby formula, it is best to obtain Baby formula coupons and samples as often as possible to help you cut down on the costs of baby care products such as Similac baby formula. A great place to begin on your quest for Similac coupons and samples is by visiting the official Similac site. By joining the Similac Strong Moms program, you will be able to earn yourself some free samples and coupons for purchasing Similac products. All you need to do here is simply fill out your personal information, provide your email address, and thereafter select a username and password.

You will also be required to fill out your first and last name, street address, city, state and zip code, as well as create a security question and answer. You will need to provide information on whether or not this is your first baby, as well as whether or not you will be receiving assistance from WIC. Once you are signed up, you will have to wait at least four to six weeks before you can get your free samples and coupons for purchasing your Similac baby formula.

With the printable Similac coupons that you will be able to access through the Strong Moms program, you may use in purchasing your baby formula at a discount. Some of the different types of printable coupons on offer from Similac include the dollar off coupons; buy one get one free coupons, as well as the free formula 3 coupons.

If you want to save a lot of money on Similac you should consider shopping online and also looking for coupons, visit this site to look for Similac Coupons. Another good site to visit is Huggies Coupons, this site provides some great deals and coupons for Huggies diapers.

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