Are The Stars of Celebrity Videos And Movies Being Suitable Piers For Children?


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  • Published September 30, 2011
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We all find that celebrities have an element of impact on our lives, from those of us who pay a passing glance to a celebrity news headlines, through to the zealous buffs who watch celebrity videos and keep an eye on gossip columns. But just how much impact do these people have on our lives? Do kids really see them as role models?

You'll be amazed to discover that recent surveys have unveiled that celebrities actually have very little impact on kids. Parents, brothers and sisters and teachers are far more likely shape a child's fate.

A study of about 200 teachers in nurseries and schools advised that young kids could not even understand the precept of what a role model was.

The report also disclosed that male celebrities do not make better role models for boys.

It is now considered that people who spend a great deal of time in close company with the child, such as teachers and family members, far outweigh the sway they have on them, as opposed with sport stars and film stars.

It was further noticed that both male and female grownups have equal influence over both sexes of young ones.

By the time young ones reach their teenaged years, they will still chiefly look to their family and friends for direction, but they will also progressively look to their piers to establish what is appropriate conduct. When you introduce the media to this equation, things begin to get more complicated. We are all privy to the obvious media influences on young ones, but the internet is being used increasingly by adolescents. Gossip webs log and sites incorporating celebrity videos, explicit photos are all got at by adolescents.

The direct contrast in information from both family members and media outlets can become very perplexing for teens. It is therefore particularly significant for parents to make sure that they do not glamorize the notion of wild partying and alcohol fuelled behaviour.

Celebrities who have been seen as the most suitable role models for young ones include Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.

Jolie has won a place in the hearts of many people in the public due to her many good turns , including her function as a UNHCR Ambassador.

George Clooney's good acts include being a UN Messenger of Peace.

Regrettably, well behaved admirable celebrities will not make high selling stories, so the media concentrate on the reporting of drugs, alcohol, failing matrimonies and other accounts of a celebrities lives spiralling out of control.

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