Is A Baby Sling Safe For My Baby?


  • Author Robin Johnson
  • Published October 13, 2011
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There are many things to consider when you are a new mom. What to name baby, what will the theme of the nursery be, will (s)he have daddy's eyes or yours? Then there is the never-ending baby supplies available that may leave you wondering what is right for you and baby? Somewhere between wipe warmers and bath toys, you will probably stumble upon baby carriers and more specifically baby slings. If you look them up you will most likely see all of the ample benefits baby wearing brings. But you are also sure to find negative feedback as well. So what's the deal? Are baby slings safe?

Well yes and no. The answer really depends on what slings you are referring to. The types that are not safe are generally the pocket slings or any sling that is deep enough to envelop baby in material. To prevent this make sure any sling that you put baby in allows for baby's face to be completely visible and above all fabric.

In addition you should make sure babies chin is never resting on their chest. This could result in poor oxygen flow. Furthermore baby's face should not be tightly leaned into your chest, blocking their nose and mouth as a result. Even so the sling must be tight enough around you that there is no loose fabric which would not only put strain on your back but also allow baby to slump into an unsafe position. Any time baby is in the sling they should be close enough for you to kiss them.

Always be sure to check the baby sling in general. Over time they will likely experience wear and tear like any other article of clothing you possess. Unfortunately the comfy, strong material that is perfect for baby slings is not everlasting. Be sure all of the seams are strong. Never put more weight in the sling then what is appropriate. 35 pounds is usually the max weight in any baby sling.

It's important to be aware of your baby whenever they are in a sling. In fact you should always be aware of baby no matter where they are, right? Before you ever even put baby in a sling be sure to read all the provided instructions that come along with it. As a result baby slings are safe enough to carry your baby, provided you take in all the necessary precautions.

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