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  • Published November 25, 2011
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Goa is situated in the southwestern part of India in the coastal belts of Konkan. It is the smallest and most beautiful states of India which is economically sound and is known to have the best quality of life in the whole country. The most popular cities in Goa are Panaji (capital city), Vasco do Gama, Margoa and Mapusa. The vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and historical churches make Goa one of the most visited places in India. People of Goa are known to be civilized, warm and hospitable. The city offers various exotic cuisines which include spicy sea food cooked with different types of spices, chili peppers and vinegar that gives it a unique taste.

Goa is most famous for its wide and romantic beaches. Every year tourists from all around the world throng the beaches of Goa to enjoy its thrills and spills. Tourists take part in various adventure sports like jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, beach volleyball etc. During the night other enthralling activities take over like open air bars are set on the beaches, massage parlors carry on their work to let you relax.

Campfires are set around which people sing, dance and enjoy the starlit night. Food is usually served from the ‘beach shacks’ which are lined along the coastline. The most famous beaches in Goa are Baga beach, Vagator beach and Anjuna beach. Family dinners are also organized at Tsunami beach, which is the latest addition to the hotspots of Goa. Tourists take pleasure in visiting Tsunami beach during the day and wait till the night falls, when they can have a quite dinner. Beach volleyball during night is most exciting at Kenilwaorth beach, where horde of tourists gather every evening in the peak season. Baga beach is very famous for golden sand, great music and tasty food. Night markets, like flea markets and bazaars, act as other tourist attractions in Goa particularly on Saturday nights when tourists can go shopping along with drinking, music and food. Barbeques combined with campfire, music, and wine will remain as one of the most unforgettable memories of the visitors who tour Goa.

Goa dance is vibrant and colorful and has acquired fame all over the world. Life in Goa starts after the sunset when party goers gear up for the nightlife. An ideal day for a tourist would start with playing beach volleyball during the evening, enjoying a massage to relax the muscles, then warming up for the party and finally to the dance floors where the party freaks dance on till early morning. For fun lovers life starts at night, where they enjoy the delights of lively and colorful dances.

The dances of Goa are highly influenced by Portuguese culture. It is a hotspot for westerners where they get everything, which they demand in the Goa tour package. The dance culture in Goa mainly resembles the European dances and some latino dances.

Apart from pubs and bars annual carnivals are held in Goa. Goa carnival festival is popular and fascinates tourists all over the globe. The festival is colorful, enigmatic and pulsating. From campfires on sandy beaches to vivacious dancing in the clubs, from watching sunsets with loved one in your arms to family dinners Goa is the place which every party freak must visit.

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