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  • Published November 23, 2011
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The Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System (I'll try to shorten the name in future references) seemed like one of the best choices not only for your first stroller but also for my first article.

Let me explain: I wanted to start off with a stroller that has an affordable price, not too cheap, not too expensive, just the right price, but also to have all the features that you require in your first stroller. You would like that first stroller to be ideal right? The worst thing is to waste a lot of money in a brand advertised as the right one, only to learn that your stroller is broken after 3 months.

Believe it or not, It’s not unusual... so, after giving it much thought I decided that a travel system type of stroller is a more appropriate choice as your first stroller.

The Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 comes in two main parts, let's see the features below.


KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

Energy-absorbing foam for improved side-impact protection.

Secures baby from 4 - 30 lbs.

Removable newborn insert for smaller babies.

Thickly cushioned seat pad and five-point harness for maximum comfort.

Spring-assisted level foot, bubble levels, and "Center-Pull" adjustment for easiest installation.

Cortina Stroller

One-hand fold and automatic storage latch.

Multi-position, flat-recline seat with "Memory Recline".

Parent and child cup holders and large storage basket.

Adjustable leg rest, canopy, and all wheel suspension.

For use from birth to 50 lbs.


I believe people personal opinions are very important when deciding where to expend your money, so here's what "I" think about The Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30.

The first thing that comes to my mind with this stroller is the brand, "Chicco" is an Italian brand established in 1958 and currently their products can be found in more than 170 different countries, so you can be certain that you're buying a quality proven product. An interesting fact that I would like to comment is that the company name is pronounced "KEE-ko", not "CHEE-ko" like so many people seem to believe.

To make things easier I'll do a PROS and CONS list below.


Affordable price, this Travel System is around $300,00 and you can find some amazing deals over the Internet.

Very strong material! which means that it'll last for a very long time.

Really nice combo, you get a stroller and a car seat for a really good price.

The Infant Car Seat can support up to 30 lbs so it should be more than enough for a good time and it's really easy to set up in the car, just snaps in!.

The car seat supports the baby's neck really well since that is always a challenge with newborns, your baby will be comfortable in long trips.

The stroller is lightweight and easy to fold up with only one squeeze, which I find very handy.

Of course there's no such thing as "perfect" in this world (or at least I haven't found it yet) so I do have some things to put in my CONS list.


As any travel system it is bulky even when folded, so if you have a small sized car that might be a problem.

The bottom basket of the stroller is not so easy to access, it's not such a big deal but I wish it were easier.

Assembling the Travel System after taking it out of the box might be a little hard if you're not used to doing things like that (if you're like me, get someone else to do it).

Apparently from what I've heard, the latch doesn't attach well in Volkswagens (I still need some confirmation on this) but you can still use the seatbelt and it'll work just fine.


All the nice features, the overall quality and most importantly, the price of this Chicco Travel System more than makes up for the problems listed before. After making the purchase, you feel like you came up winning in this deal because you have a stroller AND a car seat for the same amount of money that some standard strollers cost, obviously there are cheaper Travel Systems but they don't have the quality that this one has. If you're struggling to find a good stroller for your baby I highly recommend you to consider this one.

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